Background Information The Poem Setting out at Dawn from Baidicheng was authored by Li Bai. Li Bai has been lauded as the author of Chinese best-loved poetry, a champion drinker, and also a Daoist wanderer (Monro par. 2). From the poem, one gets the perception that the author is not only a seasoned traveler, but
After Apple-Picking poem is about a reflection of the happenings in modern societies and how most of the individuals do not live to their dream. Moreover, the poem reflects on the real-life of Frost, indicating the writer’s life activities that tend to haunt his memories (Gale 205). Therefore, the author uses poetic elements like connotation
Jean Paul Sartre’s The Wall is a dystopian short story centered on three inmates of a prison. The story is set in Spain during the Spanish Civil War of the late 1930s. The novel’s plot is largely set during a night in a prison when the inmates are informed that they are to be shot
Introduction The first amendment is inarguably one of the most significant changes to our constitution. The bill ensures, among other things, freedom of speech. Since the onset of this right, there have been numerous questions. People have argued on what is too much freedom, where freedom of speech becomes offensive, and whether people are willing
Literature Recap and Response Part 1: ‘The Story of an Hour’ tries to highlight some of the complications that couples undergo in a marriage institution. The death of Mr. Mallard is received with a heavy heart, and as the friends of Mrs. Mallard are seeking to console her about the loss of her husband, she
Introduction Airport construction, like any other infrastructure network construction works, requires a consideration of key factors of economic viability and sustainability. The growth of the aviation industry constantly calls for additional resources in airports, such as the expansion of available runways or construction of new complementary runways to the ones that are already in existence.
My Visit to the Museum of Modern Art Art is a reflection of the culture of a society. During the summer holiday, my friends from college and I managed to visit several places in order to experience and interact with different cultures. We came across some fine works of art at the Museum of Modern
Part I Among postmodern American poets are Linda Pastan, Larry Levis, and Sharon Olds. The three fi into post-modernism given how they talk about existence in different scenes, sizes, and ages. One of the features of post-modern poetry is that it talks about existence, which is often viewed from the consciousness of the poet. Levis’s
Emilia Galotti is one of the world’s popular plays that were created by Gotthold Ephraim Lessing. The play which consists of five acts premiered in Brunswick in the month of March, 1772. Emilia Galotti and Intrigue and Love serve as good examples of bourgeois tragedy otherwise referred to as German burgerliches Trauerspiel. Emilia Galotti was
Zhang Ailing, also known as Eileen Chang was a female Chinese writer who was born in the year 1920 into a large Shanghai family. Although she came from a privileged family, Zhang Ailing did not have a happy childhood. This is because both her parents had irreconcilable differences and the consequent drawn-out estrangement and divorce