Case being reviewed: Union Neighbors United, Inc. v. Jewell, No. 15-5147, United States Court of Appeals, District of Columbia Circuit, (2016). Introduction/Background The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) of 1969 lays down procedures for federal agencies before commencing on major actions. Environmental Assessment (EA) is mainly conducted to determine whether or not a major federal
Liptak (2018) precisely identified the major contentions that the state of California has with President Trump administration. The news article brings out the differences between Democrats and Republicans. The article identified three main distinct issues: emissions, immigration, and land use. One of President Trump’s election promises was stringent immigration policy and laws. The president deemed
One of the primary goals of government is to protect the society. The government mainly achieves the objective by formulating polices and laws to curb behaviours that are viewed as immoral. Drug use a social problem that has affected the general wellbeing of the society. Unsurprisingly, Canada and the US have taken measures to mitigate
Introduction Children rights refers to the subset of human rights as outlined in the constitution, that pertain the special protection, care and legal requirements necessary for the growth of minor. A child can be described as any person who is below the age of eighteen years. Examples of children rights are; right to education, right
Weingarten Rule Weingarten’s rule is a principle advocating for the rights of employees to have representatives in investigatory interviews. This rule allows the employees to request a union representative without interference from the board of management. The Union representatives advise the employees while also acting as witnesses. The union representatives remain civil in their interactions
Introduction Criminal liability is an aspect that is normally said to be an illegal act that is done by a person and the executed act can further lead into the person involved to be responsible towards any damage caused thus risking being arrested and in the long run be charged in a court of law.
Over the years, magistrates in the courtrooms have had a significant share of power in delivering verdicts to the defendant. However, in recent years, the call to reform magistrates and reduce their power capacities has increased. It is noted that lay magistrates in courtrooms have issued more biased verdicts. On the contrary, laypeople have no
Introduction A judge will usually order a PSI report when dealing with a crime pertaining felony. The probation /pretrial officer usually conducts the PSI report and the logistics involved in gathering the information to be used in a court of law. The officer should interrogate the defendant and then work with other personnel. The information
Introduction Female sexual harassment is a global problem evident in learning institutions, sports, malls, workplaces, and public transport. This is any form of unwanted conduct of sexual nature, which creates an environment that’s of an intimidating, offensive, and degrading nature to the victim. The female population experiences a variety of these behaviors including acts that
Banning Jet Ski No outdoor automobile has generated greater social conflict and public outrage than personal watercraft, commonly known as jet ski. The controversy emerges from the noise, pollution, degradation of outdoor experiences, disruption of wildlife, and menace to public safety. The ruling by the a three-judge panel in the Court of Appeal in San