Kuwait is a sovereign Arab state located in the northeast of the Arabian Peninsula in the North West of the Arabian Gulf. It borders Iraq to the North, Saudi Arabia to the South and the Arabian Gulf on the West. The country’s official religion is Islam and its officially recognized language is Arabic. One major
The Kuwaiti political system and legislative law has undergone significant changes over the last centuries. The essential elements of the Kuwaiti state were completed in the 18th Century, specifically around 1752 AD.[1] Initially, the citizens had the perception that having a functional Sabah could help in streamlining the national values and cohesion among members. While
Most of the employment contracts have Arbitration Clauses that waiver the right of an employee to sue their employers in court but rather settle disputes through arbitration. It is falls under alternative dispute resolution method that is a traditional way of settlement that is cost-conscious and fast as compared to the legal judicial system. Given
The American constitution offers an opportunity for its citizens to exercise their right on the Fifth Amendment clause by protecting them from being compelled in a criminal case and being a witness against themselves (Duane). As such, this article aims at providing a video summary of don’t talk to police as discussed by James Duane.
Prevalence of Juvenile Delinquency Juvenile delinquency refers to the habitual character that teenagers or youths form of committing criminal acts with the biggest population being those below the age justifiable under a criminal court (Kubrin & Wo, 2016). A number of factors have been considered as triggers or contributors to the increased involvement of teenagers
Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Introduction The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) was ratified in 1978 in the United States. The statute was a Congressional reaction to the disclosure throughout several Committee inquiries of preceding abuses of U.S. populaces’ privacy rights by some apparatuses of the United States government. Those abuses had transpired, according to the
Freedom of Religion Scope of Freedom of Religion Freedom of religion refers to a principle that supports an individual’s or community’s freedom to manifest religion or any belief in teaching, worship, practice, and observance in public or private. It also incorporates the freedom to change or indulge in any belief that one pleases. Consequently, in
Introduction The phenomenon of racial discrimination has been a hot topic in the United States for a lengthy past. As indicated by Brilliant (2010), aspects including education, employment, housing, and public accommodations have been affected by racial discrimination for over a century. However, over the last decade, the effect of racial prejudice in the Criminal
There are some very well defined differences between civil law and common law. These two laws have different ways of ruling the land. The common law uses the previous legal precedents and judicial rulings to define the dos and don’ts. The civil law, on the other hand, uses an approach which involves the use of
The landlord tenant is under the Civil Law. It is part of the common law that stipulates the rights and duties of tenants and landlords. The law serves the two elements of real property law through conveyances and the contract law. A contract is entered between the landlord and tenant the moment the tenant signs