Confirmation Bias Confirmation bias is a well-known, most common type of bias available today. It is the tendency for a person to try to justify their pre-existing views by searching for information that confirms their views on certain topics. It is usually based on an argumentative side to justify one’s taken on decision. The main
The Value of Fair Treatment in the Workplace Workplace discrimination is a form of discrimination based on certain biases towards employees. Employment discrimination occurs when an employee is treated unequally and unfavorably because of their race, identity, nationality, religion, or sex rather than their work merit (Benstead, 2018). Discrimination in the workplace is exhibited during
How HR might shape organizational culture Since it is the staff of the company who accept and enhance a particular culture within the firm, human resources do have a significant role to play in organizational culture. Any intended change to the organizational culture must be made by and with the help of the personnel. Recruitment,
Human Resources Policy Manual Table of Contents   Table of Contents Employment Recruiting and Hiring Employee Training and Development Performance Management Disciplinary Procedures Termination Policies   Compensation Wage and Salary Administration Benefits Administration Job Evaluation   III. Accountability Attendance Policies Conflict of Interest Code of Conduct Harassment and Discrimination Policies   Benefits Health Insurance Retirement
Ph.D. program in Management: Impact of Pandemics on Human Resource Policies and Procedures DESCRIPTION OF THE INTENDED DOCTORAL PROJECT The novel COVID-19 pandemic has significantly disrupted organizational operations all over the world. Human resources managers have been forced to think differently regarding their role amid various grand challenges such as social distancing practices, employees working
Coney Island Hospital Case Study Hospitals are established to provide medical care to the public in most countries. Government institutions anchor a strong economy on a successful healthcare sector. Hospitals have been providing nursing services as part of job requirements or roles and responsibilities among different medical practitioners. Traditional administration of hospitals has attracted negative
Employee Discrimination             Despite the fight for equal treatment of all workers employee discrimination still exists in the workplace environment. This paper analyzes employee discrimination with reference to the case of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center v. Nassar. Dr. Naiel Nassar the plaintiff in the case was an Egyptian born Muslim who worked
Telehealth Introduction  Telehealth is a broad term that involves use of audio and video technology to provide   health services to patients where barriers exist. The four types of telehealth used by medical professionals are Remote Patient Monitor (RPM), mobile health (mHealth), asynchronous video and live video-conferencing. In light with this, the research will examine Remote
Ways and Challenges in Carrier Advancement             It is everybody’s vision to be successful in life. That is why we struggle in education and training so that we can secure a better job in a company of our choice. However progressing up to your dream position is a process and may take days, weeks, months,
Dear Professor, I believe that if an employer has to terminate am employee, this process should be done in the right way. On that account there are various things to consider when terminating a worker irrespective of the state. First, is the employer’s right. As stated in your discussion, under the law in many states,