Paper topic: To what extent are women casualties of war and terror in the MENA region?   The paper discusses how women rights are being violated during war. In armed conflicts soldiers terrorize women in plenty of ways. Including sexual violence, physical abuse, and forced displacement. These tactics are instruments of war and terror intended
            Employee turnover is a major challenge across organizations. The issue has a major cost implication on organizations in terms of hiring and training new workers. In addition to the replacement costs, employee turnover also results in a loss in company productivity, weakens work relations, and leads to loss of intellectual capital, as employees are
Historical injustices of slavery left an indelible mark on the muscle memory of the nation. Reflections of these horrific events have been achieved through various forms including movies and documentaries that encapsulate the slavery history: the initial kidnapping and sale, dehumanizing effects of slavery, anger and frustration of losing family and freedom, the endurance of
In the article, “The economic basis of the slave trade”, Rice takes a look at slave trade practices and how they contributed to the economy. The various arguments furthered by Rice are not new slave trade-related discussions. As a matter of fact, the contributions that the slave trade made to towards the advancement of Europe
Document Analysis 8 The selected question: Was the New Deal about ending the Great Depression or expanding government control over the economy?   Fundamentally, the New Deal stipulated various forms of domestic policies propagated by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.  According to the Interview with veteran Jimmy Sheridan, the original intention of the New Deal was
            Over the past decades, China has increasingly amassed significant social, political, economic, and diplomatic on the world stage. China’s growing dominance has made the country an important player when it comes to discussing the global narrative, especially in the Western and Eastern worlds. Economically, has grown into a leading powerhouse due to its highly
Slavery can be termed as the multi-faceted and multidimensional dehumanization of a human being. Slavery, as practiced in the current dispensation, is fueled by multiple factors. Players in slavery include the slave hunters, merchants, masters, and those who benefit from the proceeds of slavery such as the industries receiving raw materials from slave labor. These
The story of Saint Francis of Assisi contradicts most of the conventional stories of the men of the middle ages in various aspects. Not only did the saint experienced the excesses of life from both the noble and wealthy perspective and the destitute but also did so optimally and willingly. In some cases, enjoying the
Fascism is one of the ideological results of the 20th century and is synonymous with Benito Mussolini’s political regime in Italy after WW1 in 1922. As narrated by Griffin, fascism represents a wide spectrum of radical as well as authoritarian nationalist political philosophies that are complex to define (21). It is a form of administration
Treaty of Versailles BCR World War I is among the most tumultuous events in world history. The global war between the Allies and the Central Powers led to the death of around ten million soldiers from both sides and innumerable civilians (Holocaust Encyclopedia, n.d.). The war officially ended after the signing of the Treaty of