Using A PMR to Record Information and Validate a Prescription Most physicians in the public and private healthcare domains are issuing computer generated and handwritten prescriptions. In the primary healthcare, policy requires that pharmacists dispense prescriptions under strict supervision. The recent evolution of the healthcare sector in electronic prescription enhances transmission of physicians’ intentions directly
Environmental Health and Public Health According to “Katz, D. L., Doughty, K. N., Geagan, K., Jenkins, D. A., & Gardner, C. D.” (2019), A branch of public health that deals with how people relate with the environment promotes well being, human health and fosters safe and healthy communities I referred to as environmental health. For
Introduction. APRNS are registered nurses who have advanced in terms of education status that is they have gone beyond normal nursing and done masters and a doctorate in nursing, they have also advanced in practice and they have become specialist nurses for instance you find them being referred as; nurse-midwife, nurse anesthetic, clinical nurse specialists
A dilemma refers to a situation where an individual is unable to choose between two choices with unsatisfactory alternatives. Clinical dilemmas are conflicts to the human health condition and life itself (Kohrt, 2017). There are types of clinical dilemmas which include; treatment dilemma, nurse dilemma, patient dilemma and ethical dilemmas. Moreover, individuals suffering from a
Bioethical Decisions Healthcare providers have s particular duty of caring for their patients and the society. It is largely conceived that service providers act in the best interest of their clients, although conflicts sometimes emerge between obligation to patient and social expectations. In professional practice, the physician interests for the patient may conflict with their
INTERNET ADDICTION AND MENTAL HEALTH In today’s society the internet has become the number one mode of communication. Young adults and adolescents are the most affected by the internet and it has led to the way they interaction, communicate, socialize and maintain their friendships. While there are benefits to live in the digital world, there
Implementation of public health measures to reduce incidence of COVID 19 COVID 19 pandemic came with a lot of disadvantages both to individuals and institutions. In order to reduce its growth and transmission, both public health and non-pharmaceutical measures are essential (Ayouni et al.). COMPULSORY MASK WEARING. Wearing of masks by both the un-infected and
Effects of Covid19 on Kenya’s Education Sector According to the Kenyan Government, approximately 17 million learners were disrupted nationwide following the first case of the virus in the county, announced by the Ministry of Health on March 13, 2020. On March 15, 2020, nearly all learning institutions closed following Ministry of Health guidelines to contain
Effect of SDOH on COVID-19 in a Low-Income Country Social determinants of health (SDOH) are situations in which individuals work and learn that impact their health and lives. SDOH tends to affect low-income countries most, especially during a pandemic. This research will focus more on analyzing the effects of SDOH on COVID-19 in low-income countries,
Diastatic fracture Diastatic fractures are skull fractures that occur more primarily in children under three years than adults. According to research, about 61,000 fatalities result from skull fractures annually (CDC, 2019). Diastatic fractures happen by the stature lines of the skull, which are located between the bones in the head, causing the statures to widen.