Reflection In the course of this quarter, I have developed the new understanding that climate change is an important factor in the process of human evolution. I have come to consider the process of human evolution partly as a response to climate change and environmental changes. Since the environment and its resources are essential for
Here and there             The article discusses some of the factors that affect Caroline Knowles in her work in anthropology. She is of mixed heritage and cannot point out any specific place as her home. Because of her work complexities, she is required to frequently travel between Canada and Britain to attend duties. She works
Class and racial stratifications in one former Caribbean colony Dynamics of societal inequalities can be best understood as the struggle over distribution of material property, financial gain and ultimately, general well being of individuals. As Darity (2001) reiterates, dominant ethnic groups strive to structure and control access to the credentials required for higher wage employments
Folktales Man is a cultural being; his creativity has given birth to culture and traditions. These cultures and human traditions are passed from one generation to the next through various forms. One of these forms is folktales. Folktales are creative, inventive, imaginative stories told to communicate various themes touching on human life. Folktales communicate universal
Types of Letter Format There are different kinds of letter format which over the years have been put to use. These formats are applicable mostly to formal letters. This is because informal letters do not need any particular style of writing since different ways can be used while writing them. It is important for you
How to Write a Conclusion Paragraph Perhaps the secret of scoring a high grade in any paper is having strong conclusion. Starting your essay on a high note and losing all the energy before the conclusion could be disastrous. Knowing how to write a conclusion paragraph will leave your readers wanting more of your work.