Introduction The past decade has seen significant progress in the worldwide development and exploration of unconventional gas, especially in the North America. The technologies of hydraulic fracture stimulation and horizontal drilling have enhanced gas flow from reservoirs with extremely low porosity. Traditionally, researchers of lithofacies have concentrated on carbonate and sandstone reservoirs in various studies.
Question 1 Food defines people in different cultures and regions globally; the preparation, the components integrated into the food, and even the presentation are influenced by the differences in cultures. At the same time, people have different perspectives when it comes to food. While others take more time in the preparation, for others, simple approaches
Typically, hurricanes are created by the differences in air pressure. Considerably, it starts when the warm and moist air begins to rise rapidly and meets cool air that in turn results in the condensation of water vapor and a constituent formation of raindrops and storm clouds (West n.p). The condensation will thereafter result in the
Introduction The Potential of the Blue Economy define Oceanography as an earth science which seeks to explain the physical and biological aspects of the ocean, the characteristics of the bottom sea and its inhabitants (1). On the other hand, economics is a discipline that seeks to understand scarcity of resources and how corporate and federal
Introduction             The earth’s temperature is influenced both by internal conditions like volcanic activity and changes in the concentration of greenhouse gases and external factors like perturbations of the earth’s orbit and solar spots. Scientists have argued in favor of the idea that a wide range of factors have led to changes in climatic patterns
Lab Activity 9 Part 1: Water Quality Question 1. As more and more wells tap into groundwater, surface water including that of streams is depleted during the process and eventually surface water bodies run out of water. Question 2. Willows, cotton woods, bushes, grasses, plants, animals and birds are some of species found in the
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Climate Engineering and its Impacts on Sustainable Engineering Practices Introduction             Climate change plays an important role in modern day engineering practices. Across the world, there has been a consensus on the impacts of climate change and the need to mitigate the factors that enhance this concept through various sustainable development practices. The impacts of
Is Global Warming Caused by Humans? Global warming, also referred to as climate change, is the present rise in temperature of the Earth’s surface and its atmosphere. Averagely, the temperature in the world has increased by over 1.4°F (0.8°C) in than 100 years (National Research Council 3). Much of the increase has happened over the
Thermodynamics Thermodynamics is a part of physics that explains ‘Energy’ in all its forms and characteristics. According to Arora (1998), thermodynamics explains the birth of the world considering that the big bang theory is centered on the premise of conversation of energy as indicated by the first law of thermodynamics. The principles of thermodynamics are