A research report is essentially a set of recorded data directly from the field or from secondary sources whose aim is to analyse a specific situation or topic. The information gathered in this case may be in the form of surveys or qualitative/quantitative methods. The information to be analysed is in raw format, hence the
Open-source Information Open-source materials refer to a wide range of information and sources that are readily available. Such information includes information obtained from the radio, newspapers, television, and any other media sources. Open-source materials may also obtain information from academic and professional records and public data e.g. speeches, reports, and hearings. When using open-source materials,
Economic Factors Affecting Insurance Industry Economic factors affecting insurance industry can either enhance or hinder the thriving of insurance firms. The insurance industry is a major player in the economy and this implies economic imbalances can as well be felt in the sector. In fact, the insurance industry relies on the economy for its survival.
Factors Affecting Corn Production There are numerous factors affecting corn production. Corn is a vegetable and a grain that grows with tall grass-like stalk while producing large kernels in a cob. The color of the kernels can be yellow or white. However, kernels mostly have a mix of oranges, yellows, reds, purples and browns. The
Factors that Affect Food Security Factors that affect food security contribute to the nutritional status of a country. Food security refers to a situation where all people have access to safe, nutritious and sufficient food that meets their food preferences and dietary needs all the time to ensure their healthy and active life. Due to
PESTEL Analysis for Apple A PESTEL analysis for Apple indicates the political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal factors that affect this company. PESTEL analysis is a tool or framework that marketers use in analyzing and monitoring factors of the external or macro-environment that can affect an organization. Apple Inc. is a recognizable and visible
Understanding Current Challenges posed by Boko Haram in Nigeria Boko Haram is Nigeria’s homegrown radical Islamist movement.  It originated from the country’s history of poor governance, inequality and extreme in northern states. What makes Boko Haram unique is its ability to combines radical Islamic agenda with violence, meted on Nigerians almost daily. Boko Haram’s main
Factors Affecting Food Production There are many factors affecting food production which have led to the global shortage of food. Factors that affect the production of food can be classified as biological, environmental, socio-cultural and physical. Food production is a crucial determinant of food supply or food shortage. The potential of producing food varies among
An overview of Challenges posed by Al Qaeda Al Qaeda is widely known for its 2001 attack on America. The 9/11 attack was quite devastating that President George W. Bush declared war on terrorism. Because of years of relentless fight by the U.S and its allied intelligence units in the world, Al Qaeda is today
Challenges posed by Al Shabaab Somalia, an East African country, has struggled without a formal government since early 90s. The existence of an illegitimate government in Somalia bred lawlessness, allowing extremist groups to emerge and take over large parts of the country. Today, neighboring countries, especially Kenya face the challenges posed by Al Shabaab, one