The film Joker is an American psychological thriller produced and directed by Todd Philips. The Joker was produced and distributed by Werner Bros. It premiered on August 31, 2019 in Venice and October 4, 2019 in the United States. The film starred Joaquin Phoenix playing as Arthur Fleck, the joker. The story unfolds in 1981
The "Last Train to Nibroc" is a play set in the 1940s. The play by Arlene Hutton was done in 1999 and runs for approximately 90 minutes. The acting in the play is masterly done. The setting of a crowded train sets a perfect scene for the meeting between May and Raleigh. Raleigh skillfully
Introduction The film The Stratford Prison Experiment recreates the experiment originally done by Philip Zimbardo, a Psychology Professor at the University of Stratford. Billy Crudrup takes the role of Philip G Zimbardo in the movie. During the cast, 24 male students are selected and assigned the roles of guards and prisoners at the flip of
Introduction             The focus of this proposal is to explore the impact of the cinema on postcolonial periods in West Africa, in particular, Nigeria and Senegal. The paper highlights the film industry in the two countries and demonstrates its impact and influence on the African culture, politics, generic stories and social tension. The proposal will
Get Out- Horror Movie Get Out is a horror film written by Jordan Peele and produced by Blum House productions in the year 2017. The film starts with a young African –American man being abducted by a disguised figure as he walks through a generic, unidentified White suburb. The main cast of the film is
The Glass Menagerie is memory play written by Tennessee Williams. Before going to the theatre to watch the play, I had read the play and watched a televised show. Although I was not very keen, I was almost familiar with every character and their role. When I entered the hallway, it was grave silent. On
In Westlake’s book on World theatre, interactions between different cultures are seen as the rationale for the developed of newer cultural versions. A particular case in consideration is the Yoruba culture, as explained through the phenomenon of the masquerade. Westlake (2) describes the planning process and the implementation of the Egungun masquerade in Yoruba land
“In the Heights,” one of the most popular and commended shows on Broadway, is a musical where the music is the key event. In an impeccable blend of different cultures, musical genres, as well as adorable characters, the show tries to portray what a real contemporary American musical should be. The main positive features of
Today’s realities of Robotic devices have transformed the way we live our everyday lives and are continuing to an impact both positive and negative. Robots and artificial intelligence have enabled better living in various aspects of life such as in the healthcare system. Initially, robots were focused on industrial and hazardous applications, but of late
The subject of the film The Al Capone film is a biographical film starring Rod Steiger who acts as Al Capone. The film is a crime dram film and revolves around the infamous Al Capone, who was a notorious drug baron hence the film’s theme is crime. The film is staged in a semi documentary