In the advanced technology, gaming and cinema have become major warmed and public discussion topics in scholars' debate. Games and cinema are an undeniably significant part of the public eye achieve moral ramifications that can't be outdone, (Chess, Evans, and Baines, [38]). New computer games are morally influencing individuals who play them. Section I The
Response of Black Mirror The Black Mirror’s season three, episode four, also known as San Junipero showcases the story of two feminine characters, Kelly and Yorkie, caught between the concrete and virtual worlds. The episode illuminates immortality which aligns to the cyborg theory explaining that the introduction of technology into the human body increases control
Universalism and Relativism Ethical relativism and universalism theories explain the reasoning of different cultures and perspectives on issues. Compliance and ethics professionals should anticipate how future trends need them to respond to issues arising from innovations. Essentially, emerging ethical issues are thought to affect corporate compliance to ethics in the future. Moral relativity implies that
 MK402 Ethics Question 1 Professional practice standard reflects my ethical standard because the professional code of ethics incorporates values, principles, and professional standards to members. As a member of a business professional association, ethical codes are a crucial part of our practice. According to Flite (2013), a set of ethical codes such as core ethical
Big Problems for Big Pharma             The big pharmaceuticals are to a significant degree responsible for the opioid crisis. This is because they benefit from the sales of prescription opioid. The marketing of the addictive drugs done by these companies and the physicians who act as their partners contribute to making the opioids available to
To Blend or Not To Blend Multicultural societies use various methods to facilitate racial integration. The most common models are the melting pot and salad pot. Both models have their strengths and weaknesses and should be applied in the right context to guarantee effectiveness. The United States is usually referred to as a melting point
Crime Control Policy In my view, one morally questionable policy of crime control that the U.S. undertook following the 9/11 attacks was the USA PATRIOT Act. Following the terrorist acts, the Bush administration and Congress embarked on passing legislation aimed at strengthening national security. As its title indicates, the law aims at providing agencies of
The webcast has delivered some useful insights into ethics and ethical standards that can help with the solving of ethical dilemmas in science and engineering. Every human being must live by a certain ethical code to enable us to exist in a civilized society. On that account, the insights discussed in this ca be used
The “The Holy Grail of the Unconscious” is a sequentially written manuscript that offers detailed information about the famous ‘Red Book’ written by Carl Jung (1875-1961), one of the world’s most decorated psychologist. The article published in the New York Times is about an old book written 99 years ago and has spent a quarter
Ethical Issue on Abortion I strongly support the last opinion that sound more realistic and considerate approach to abortion. The approach appreciates the long-standing strife around abortion but calls for consideration of the plight of the mother, as well as protecting the unborn baby. While abortion remains legal in the country, the arguments for and