Culture shapes the way we think, the way we make constructions from our environment, and our expectations. It brings people together through shared norms, values, customs, beliefs, and ideas and allows communication through a common language. Culture forms the background of people’s livelihood and influences the way they interact with others, as well as
Reflective Assignment The group discussion focused on building effective teams, particularly how managers can create a high-performance environment by building effective teams. Only two themes are highlighted in this chapter. These include team development and culture. The chapter focuses on championing the professional development of the worker and the creation of a culture that supports
Adult vs Childhood Introduction             Adulthood is a stage in life whereby a person becomes physically and emotionally mature; adulthood includes three stages, that is early age, middle age, and old age. Early age starts at 20 years, middle age at 49 years, while old age begins at 60 years. Childhood is the age from
Friendship refers to the liking and familiarizing of two different minds. Friendships also mean the state of two or more individual’s being friends. Friendship could also mean the bond that joins two different individuals together. Individuals that are friends talk and spend their time together often. Good friendship entails warmth, loyalty, and honesty. There are
Modern society has demolished the power of the family set up as defined in most cultures and ancient communities. There are conservative members in the community who prefer cultural guidance on social justice, whereas their liberal counterparts believe in Natural Law as the best reference point for solving human conflicts. The institution of marriage has
How the National Security and Religion Correlates with Religious Prosecution under the DHS             The past, current, and projected future challenges facing national security in the country dictate the need to explore the role of religion in security issues. Traditional concepts in Islam support the use of sharia laws and the belief in jihad wars,
Revised Draft In most communities, consumption of marijuana is considered a vice due to its associated long-term effects on the human brain. However, it has been proven that marijuana has medicinal values such as treating insomnia. Most importantly, modern governments have realized that the fight against marijuana is getting economically unsustainable. This implies that communities
Portfolios are an essential aspect of modern personal and professional goals that are necessary for tracking progress. At personal levels, individuals are expected to come up with short and long term goals which are expected to implement a specific area of development. At corporate levels, organizations maintain affirmative portfolios that enable them to capitalize on
Introduction Texting is a routine activity for many people. This makes it hard for them to view it as a dangerous activity. Texting is more common among the young generation than making calls. It requires both visual and cognitive focus in order to communicate in the right manner. When one is behind the wheel, there
Technology has transformed human life in ways that have developed social, political, and economic development. However, technology has also resulted in different vices that mar the basic social virtues of different communities. Nevertheless, this discussion aims at evaluating the distorted use of social media platforms using a persuasive argument. Distorted use of social media platforms