Proactive and Reactive Responses             Crises are inevitable in modern companies. However, whenever crises occur, companies often respond swiftly to limit the damage that crises can inflict on an organization’s reputation. The crisis response and communication after an incident label how a company perceives its aftermath, and how well the crisis was handled. The response
Education I believe parents place a lot of emphasis on education for their children valuing it as an essential element in a developed society. However, the definition of the education term is relative as some people believe they are well-educated because they have achieved good grades or received a diploma while others emphasize on the
Joining a Literature Conversation Introduction The area of instructional coaching has drawn the attention of many scholars in the education field in the past few decades. The increased interest in this concept can be attributed to the benefits associated with instructional teaching in schools. Instructional coaches are important agents of change in schools since they
The connection between Language and Literacy Some researchers argue that a link exists between literacy and language. However, others have disputed this supposition. Snow (2016) notes that there exists vast empirical evidence that suggests a relationship between literacy and language, especially for children that suffer from language disorders.  This paper not only looks at the
NAEYC Standard 6 Descriptors Introduction The NAEYC standard 6 provides support to teaching staff to promote professionalism, knowledge, and educational qualifications which are required to foster children’s learning and their development, as well as the support of diverse needs and interests in families. Teachers need to understand the children they work with and their family
Responses and a Question Responses to Responses The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is a provision in the U.S. Constitution and should be accessible to citizens. However, there are instances in which this provision is used for selfish gains of some individuals hence the need for control to its access. The answer in the first
M1D2: Terrorists, Heroes, or Antiheroes? Separating History and Fiction Discussion Part 1 According to Pennell, the history of piracy has been studied in distinct ways. Some authors have opted to provide fictional accounts of piracy. These authors wrote romantic scripts which described the lives of pirates in interesting ways. The history of piracy has changed
Learning the English language is a difficult process for many non-native English speakers. People who come from countries – where English is a second language – experience communication challenges with other people of the society. Great scholars of education recommend that such individuals should consider attending English language classes as a means of integrating with
1) How is not talking different from not communicating?             Not talking is essentially failing to utter words leading to a failed attempt at conveying a message. Inability to talk can be caused by a wide variety of factors including disorders, environment, age and psychological trauma.    On the other hand, not communicating amounts to
As a supervisee in a childcare center, I have come to learn that dealing with children effectively is an inborn trait that cannot be trained in a formal setting. I made this observation after realizing that children, especially toddlers, are very intuitive and can tell whether one has a good personality or not. They also