ECON101 Writing Assignment #2 The goal of this writing assignment is to expand upon the discussion materials and topics offered throughout the first three weeks of the class. This assignment is worth 100 points detailed below. In these assignments, you should practice finding and using external sources to justify your arguments. I am always happy
Economic costs usually encompass the expenses attributed to the alternative chosen and costs specific to the forgone opportunity. Before a firm makes any economic decision, it needs to take into consideration the series of components of economic costs. These include total cost (TC), variable cost (VC), total variable cost (TVC), fixed cost (FC), total fixed
            David Leonhardt’s “A Losing Bet with China” is an opinion article that appeared on the New York Times on May 19th, 2019. This online article is brief, succinctly covering the specific ideas that the author focuses upon. As with other opinion articles that appear on the New York Times website, this article is part
Economics Quiz              A low-cost price leader can enforce leadership through implied threats by offering deals and prices of goods and services that the rival firms have to respond to if they are to remain relevant in the market (Yano and Komatsubara 1025). New emerging firms are the ones in the best position to have
What determines whether or not a resource is scarce? Why is the concept of scarcity important to the definition of economics? In economics, resources are factors of production. There are three primary resources which include land, labor, and capital. There are situations when scarcity of resources is experienced in economics. Scarcity refers to the gap
            The finance industry is characterized by some of the most powerful and influential national, regional and multinational entities with the financial clout to influence policies. The industry’s key players include banks, insurance companies, credit unions, investment funds, and accountancy firms. Some of these companies are owned by governments while a great majority and private
Article: An article – Government Shutdown across America by Alan Blinder – reports that a total of 800,000 federal employees lived without pay in the recent US Government Shutdown. It is claimed that this was the longest government shutdown since the effective adoption and implementation of political civilization 242 years ago. Federal workers complained of
Q1:  What does Marx mean when he says that people are “species-beings”?             “Species being”, according to Marx means that people are always conscious of each other as part of the human others. Also, Marx reckons that being reliant on each other and having common interests make human nature a matter of interconnection of social
Part 1 Immigration, in the United States, is a contentious issue as it affects the social, political and economical way of healthy living in America. For instance, 2018 Midterm elections had many female contestants winning elective posts in both Houses of Representatives and Congress. Socially, immigration has increased racial and religious tension between immigrants and
Modern economies support the establishment of a pension scheme as it maintains or enhances the well-being of employees upon successful retirement. Pension fund asset management is an important practice that is adopted in two categories; organizational and personal levels. Organizational level of pension fund asset management entails a supervision process in which resources allocated to