The Successful Dead Recently, a story emerged of a 24 year old man whose fate mirrored that of Icarus in the Greek myth of Daedalus and Icarus who attempted to fly using artificial wings. In the real life story, the young man named James had been brought up in a rather affluent home from his
Should Women be allowed to Drive? In most Arab countries, women are not permitted to drive. In Saudi Arabia, denial of women’s right surpasses refusal to permit them to drive. Freedom of movement is for every human being, including women.  The freedom to drive lies with the society’s perception of women. Some societies that encourage
Discussion Board Boeing used organizational design strategy to turn around its business in the manufacture of airplanes. This resulted in the company attaining superior business financial performance. The process involved the following issues. They include reshaping the organization structures, leadership, behaviors, functions and customer relationships. Boeing engaged in an intensive process of changing the business
Nature vs. Nurture             The fact that some people have natural talent is not a myth. The achievements of individuals such as Michael Jordan, Bob Marley, Usain Bolt, Mozart and Michelangelo are examples of talent. Some individuals are naturally gifted in particular areas compared to others, and this is talent.             That notwithstanding, the debate
Comparative Study between 3 Up to Date Different Surgical Options for Morbid Obesity Surgical Options for Morbid Obesity             The World Health Organization declared obesity a global pandemic because in the last decade, the disease has become a public health challenge. Its prevalence is increasing around the world at an alarming rate (Choban, 2002).

Just War Theory

Just War Theory Introduction War matters raise a lot of concerns based on the fact that war comes with implications on humans including death. Armed conflicts often affect the health of the people and it endangers their lives besides destroying their livelihoods. From a sociological view, conflicts are very common and they trigger desirable changes
Misconceptions About Critical Thinking The mention of the word critical thinking brings a sense of negativity from some quotas. This should never be the case; critical thinking exercise focuses on following systematic procedures or steps to arrive at a logical conclusion. Critical thinking exercise does not fall under any of the following concepts: It threatens
Understanding Critical Thinking- What is Critical Thinking? Critical thinking involves employing logical reasoning and experiments in order to differentiate truth from fact. For one to write a critical thinking paper effectively, having an open mind plays a significant role. To unravel the truth, you must be willing to ask questions even on what seems to
Red Flags in Critical Thinking Critical thinking involves following systematic steps or procedures to derive a conclusion. However, due to some factors, also known as red flags, this is impeded. Below are some red flags that you should watch out for in order to write an effective critical thinking paper. 1)     The bandwagon approach There
Critical Thinking in a Nutshell Critical thinking is the art of making logical decisions characterized by logical thought processes in order to derive a conclusion. For this to happen, a critical thinker must conceptualize, synthesize, analyze, evaluate, observe, reflect and reason. In addition, the critical thinker needs to have an open mind and be ready