Franz Boaz Franz Boas is a significant figure in the development of anthropology. He arrived in the US in 1886 after leaving Germany where he was born in 1858. (Williams, 2012). Because of his enormous contributions and impact on the profession, he is regarded as the “father of American anthropology.” Brief Biography German-born American anthropologist
Constructive criticism of editorial Editorial link: The editorial addresses the issue of immigration in the US and gives an opinion that it should be promoted. Although it lacks an introduction, its purpose and theme are clearly identified in the manner it emphasizes on the issue of immigration.  Irrefutably, the editorial has extensively engaged the
John Henry (Folklore) “John Henry” is an American Folksong, which is about a man, John Henry, who is believed to have worked as a ‘steel-driving-man’. It is believed that in the ancient times, John Henry was given the task of hammering a drill made of steel into a rock. The major purpose of drilling the
P- Median application in solving study area problem P median is a model formulated in the mid sixties by Hakimi (Pizzolato, Barcelos, Lorena and Antonio, 2004). It is applied in solving allocation of facilities such that P facilities are allocated to a geographically distributed population in Q demand points in such a way that the
Hubbert Curves According to the Hubbert curves, America’s supply of petroleum will completely decline in around the year 2200. In accordance to Hubbert’s forecast, the production starts to decline after 1995 (Chavez-Rodriguez, Szklo, and de Lucena 141). In fact, his prediction, production is going to dwindle and it turned out to be true, but the
DiscussionSpirituality Spirituality is the understanding that brings an experiencer into close communication with the heavenly being. This contact creation brings in a meaningful knowledge of an individual in touch with the Supreme Being. Spirituality can also be defined as that aspect that gives meaning to an individual’s life and bring him closer to transcend in
Miscarriages/Travesty of Justice ~ Michael Crowe Case Miscarriages/Travesty of justice ~ Michael Crowe Case – Coerced Confession is case of Michael Crowe and his two friends being pushed by the police to give in as the murders of 12-year old Stephanie Crowe. Michael underwent an exhausting questioning in isolation. The detectives deceived and maneuvered tactics
Urban Renewal/Gentrification: The Impact of Gentrification on the Political, Economic, Cultural and Social Fabric of the Society Introduction Gentrification refers to the process of bringing down old dilapidated buildings within the suburbs of cities. Gentrification is a common occurrence particularly in major cities across the world such as New York and Cleveland. Additionally, cities in
Anthem Company Hack The purpose of this analysis is to establish the extent to which Anthem Insurance Company suffered when its online website was hacked and records tampered with. The contrast is between liberal and conservative writers; hence, the articles have been retrieved from Fox News and Huffington Post. Summary The Huffington Post’s liberal perspective
How to Write a Critical Analysis of a Film Many students hold the opinion that skills on how to write a critical analysis of a film are only important for those pursuing media studies and marketing. However, the skills can also be useful to those taking other courses. We have outlined some of the best