Distributed Computing Introduction A cluster of computers using distributed computing (also known as distributed processing) connects across a network to exchange data and coordinate processing power. It is called a “distributed system” when it is made up of several computers. Because of its flexibility, scalability, performance, redundancy, and cost-effectiveness, distributed computing is becoming more popular
Cybercrime in the Digital Space Cybercrime is the use of computer devices to cause security threats via a network. Cybercrime has been increasingly becoming a major source of concern within the digital space. The Australian government says that cybercrime defaulters mainly target businesses, education institutions, and governments (2020). The more network devices, networks are expanded,
Regular expressions The formal language theory together with the theoretical computer science defines regular expressions as a system that can be used in pattern matching in the context of the text data with the help of either the strings or string matching. It should be noted that regular expressions are mostly applied in the UNIX
Electric Cars and Environment Introduction The role of information technology is to facilitate the development of solutions to the problems that face humanity on earth. The emission of greenhouse gasses such as carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has ben considered as one of the leading causes of climate change. Excess use of fossil fuel in
Computers and the Environment In the current context of management of waste materials many parties have come up with various ways in which the diverse types of wastes can be controlled and managed in the best way possible. The contemporary world surfers from the problems the wastes products bring to the humanity. Additionally, it is
Computer Forensics-Source of Data that could be used in digital investigation Introduction Digital forensic investigations handle a massive amount of data sources that aids in capturing and preserving evidence which is in turn becomes useful in legal platforms. The different crime or events encountered by scenes investigators act as a driving force for the prioritization
The Dynamics of Digital Platform Innovation Question Mobile platforms provide numerous actors with a location for developing new revenue streams. Strategies currently used in digital platforms such as mobile operating systems and app stores can have a profound effect on value appropriation in the ecosystem. Describe three platform strategies that are prevalent in the current
Determining Threats and Assessing Vulnerabilities Enterprises are organizations created with the purpose of doing business. Academic institutions such as colleges and schools, industries, and even government agencies are all examples of enterprises that need the enterprise network for them to run their operations in a smooth and effective manner. Enterprise networks depend on hardware, people,
Assembly Languages Definition and History             An Assembly language refers to a computer’s low-level programming language that consists a very strong correlation between the language and the architecture’s machine code commands. Usually, Computers from different manufacturers are sensitive to specific assembly languages as they contain different machines languages. However, in some cases assembly languages are
Information Techniques to Recognize Soccer Player Performance through Wearable Technology Overview Wearable technology has become a technique through which systematic monitoring of soccer athletes can be realized by the coaches and team doctors. This is relation to their physical health in relation to the surrounding environment. Fundaments Literature Sensor incorporated wearable technology has become a