West Texas Fertilizer Plant Blast 2013 The explosion took place at the West Fertilizer Company facility that is used mainly for the storage and distribution purposes. A minimum number of 14 people died, and about 200 were injured. The explosion also damaged about 150 buildings that involved residential homes, middle school, and nursing home that
Thermoset Plastics and Recycling Thermoset substances are characterized by their strong chemical bonds that are linked together by polymers, giving them a firm link structure. This well-built structure is the foundation of the substances’ mechanical and physical strength. The complex and strong nature linking the structure of thermostats is responsible for various characteristics of these
Clinical Chemistry Introduction Clinical chemistry is one key critical area in medical laboratory technology. In other books, it is referred to as medical biochemistry, clinical biochemistry or chemical pathology. Essentially, clinical chemistry is a branch of clinical pathology that deals with analysis of different body fluids for both therapeutic and diagnostic purposes (Bishop et al