The Sundarban Mangrove Forest Ecological function or value of the forest The Sundarban mangrove forest provides an essential defense to reducing the impacts of climate change such as cyclones and tsunamis that mainly batter the communities living in the coastal areas (Smith, 2012). Every year, nearly eight cyclones of speeds more than 64km/hr start in
Problems posed by Zika Virus Introdution As transmitted by the Aedes mosquito, the Zika virus has proved to be a challenge to public health authorities, clinicians, and the public in general in the recent past. Though this is not the first time the virus has surfaced, the recent outbreak in Brazil just before the Rio
About us The RRC was established with the main goal of helping those stuck in substance and drug abuse. A good numbers of our friends, family, employers as well as employees struggle to deal with the addiction and abstinence situations at a personal level. This may have proved difficult. Stop doing alone, come to us
Human Service In social welfare policy, the definitions of mental health, abnormality, and mental disorder differ in one way or the other though they are related. To some extent, they also differ in the effects they have on individuals in these states. Mental health can be defined as the height of psychological well-being or the
Disruptive Coloration An Example of a Fish Showing Disruptive Coloration Coral trout is an example of a fish that shows disruptive coloration, and belongs to sea basses family. Disruptive patterns, however, are found in coloration of fish, which form a school over a reef during daytime hours to protect themselves from predation. Whenever a predator
Rolls-Royce Engine Company Abstract Rolls-Royce Engine Company is one of the largest engine manufacturers in the world. The company operates in the global engines industry, which has few players with General Electric, Rolls-Royce and Pratt & Whitney being the major players. General Electric is the market leader of the industry, with Rolls-Royce following as a
How to Write a Conclusion Paragraph Perhaps the secret of scoring a high grade in any paper is having strong conclusion. Starting your essay on a high note and losing all the energy before the conclusion could be disastrous. Knowing how to write a conclusion paragraph will leave your readers wanting more of your work.

The Capstone Project

The Capstone Project Capstone project writing gives students an opportunity to apply knowledge and research skills learned in class to address contemporary issues in society. It is paramount to note however that writing a capstone project does not necessarily require original research, but every conclusion made must be supported by facts from credible research processes.
The Proposal for a Capstone Project Writing a capstone project is a tasking exercise that requires prior intensive planning for successful delivery. The capstone project proposal plays this role as it clearly stipulates the systematic procedure that will be followed in writing the capstone project. The proposal should therefore reflect the following: a) Problem statement