Religion Why holy texts are authoritative Religious texts are authoritative since they give a distinctive, and superficial prophesies concerning the future happenings of the world (Lindbeck & George 50). Besides this, it was prophesied that Jesus was to be born in Jerusalem after 490 years and true to this, the Messiah came into being (Lindbeck
Museum Comparing The National Museum of China has a long history of holding the country’s most fundamental historical objects. The objects are categorized according to the period that they were made, which also represent culture, language, and publications. There are collections for the upcoming, current, and overseas exhibitions. Collections for historical times include pottery, paintings
Employment-At-Will Doctrine The employment at will doctrine indicates that the worker and the employer are at a will to end the employment contract for a given reason. The doctrine further states that in employment interrelationships that do not have formal written contracts and the period of employment is unclear, the employer has the right to
Parent Resources for Special Education In strive to realize effectiveness in education, there is need for proper mastery of the various items required for the whole of the learning procedure. Among the vital concerns is the availability of the various learning resources demanded by students in order to ensure proper mastery of the subject matter
The Long-Tailed Weasel Natural History The long-tailed weasel pictured below is one of the commonest animals found in Francisco Bay Area in northern California. They go by the scientific name Mustela frenata. The original weasel were larger creatures but went gradual reduction in size with time in order to feed on different sources of food.
Cyber Terrorism Introduction Terrorism is a term that was coined after the 16th century in France following the coup attempt by the underprivileged members of the society working in tandem with renowned philosophers and scholars. The definition of terrorism is the propagation of violence, intimidation, and injury to people in a bid to spread a

The Capstone Project

The Capstone Project Capstone project writing gives students an opportunity to apply knowledge and research skills learned in class to address contemporary issues in society. It is paramount to note however that writing a capstone project does not necessarily require original research, but every conclusion made must be supported by facts from credible research processes.
The Proposal for a Capstone Project Writing a capstone project is a tasking exercise that requires prior intensive planning for successful delivery. The capstone project proposal plays this role as it clearly stipulates the systematic procedure that will be followed in writing the capstone project. The proposal should therefore reflect the following: a) Problem statement
The Capstone Project Report Writing Guidelines Capstone project writing cuts across different fields of study. Due to the specific requirements in the fields, institutions, and faculties, there is not a fixed format on how the capstone project report should be written. Below is a guideline for writing a capstone project, but can be amended based
How to Write the Introduction of a Capstone Project The significance of the introduction in any piece of writing cannot be overruled. Creativity and skill need to be employed when writing the introduction for a capstone project. There is not a fixed style of writing a capstone project due to the difference in requirements for