Introduction In the medicine field, a prosthesis or prosthetic implant refers to an artificial device designed to replace a missing body part, which may be lost because of trauma, congenital disorder, or disease. The primary purpose of prosthetics is to restore the full functions of a missing body part. For instance, the process of amputee
Modern Biotechnology on the Global Economy There is very little in today’s world that is not influenced by technology and its fast advancement, and biological life is no exception. Modern biotechnology involves the processing of materials by employing biological agents, as guided by engineering and scientific principles. This disciple also presents the opportunity for selection
Effects of Evolution on the Modern Man Human evolution has been described as a lengthy process that commenced over five million ago with man having originated from apelike beings. Evolution of human beings still remains to be an integral and intriguing subject in the field of paleoanthropology. This is due to the fact that a
LAPTOPS COULD CAUSE MALE FERTILITY PROBLEMS The research truly is beneficial to the society because it touches on the matter that affects the male reproductive health. At a time when more and more couples face challenges reproduction and conception, it is high time that every issue that may contribute to male infertility be investigated and
Virology Med Term Explain the Baltimore classification of viruses and the type of nucleic acid found in virions of each type. Virus classification is the practice of placing viruses into groups based on their characteristics. Baltimore classification uses way of duplication, balance of the nucleic acid and the sense of the viruses in grouping them
Positive Frequency Dependent selection This paper will hypothesize two different varieties of a weedy plant species: A and B which are under positive frequency dependent selection. I will explain how I would design an experiment to test the hypothesis, and how I would interpret the results of the experiment. Positive frequency dependent selection can occur
The Cell Lab Assignment Living things can either be single-celled (prokaryote) or multicellular (eukaryote). Prokaryotes are single-celled living organisms that do not have membrane-bound organelles in them. Eukaryotes are found in multicellular living things, and their organelles are membrane-bound. Some of the multicellular important organelles include mitochondria, golgi apparatus, ribosomes, endoplasmic reticulum and lysosomes (Cobb
Organism classification Lab report Enterobacteriaceae Classification This paper will look at the classification of different members/ organisms of the enterobacteriaceae family which are commonly referred to as enterics. Most of them share some basic characteristics but there are some unique features that separate the individual bacteria from each other. The paper will look at a
Opinion Paper: The Use of Embryonic Stem Cells in Medicine Scientists widely consent to the idea that stem cells may be the key in the treatment and cure of a wide range of medical conditions. Ethicist, law, and patient advocates must be consulted so that scientists can apply the rules and dignify human life. It