Air Transportation System (Nextgen): An Annotated Bibliography NASA. (2007). Nasa & The Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen). White Paper Summary The paper begins by asserting that whereas the current National Airspace System (NAS) is the safest mode of transportation, it has developed into a wide, multifaceted, distributed, and loosely integrated network of infrastructure, systems,
Counter Terrorism: Boston Bombing Reflection Essay Ever since the terrorist attack of September II, 200I, the United States House of Representatives’ Committee on Homeland Security has been on high alert in establishing counter terrorism efforts within the national borders. Nevertheless, as indicated by the article by Lois M. Davis in 2013, despite the best efforts
Week 3 Discussion-Outsourcing Maintenance operations play a key role in the innovation and sustainable operations in the airline industry. Therefore, getting the best partner – who would professionally execute 50% of all maintenance activities – will be vital to the success of this organization (Vieira & Loures, 2016). The first 50% of maintenance activities would
Article Citation (2019). Federal Aviation Administration Airport Safety Management Systems (SMS) Pilot Studies. [online] Available at: [Accessed 1 Feb. 2019]. Summary             The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Technical Report offers an insight into the impact of the Safety Management System (SMS) to airport operators. The report provides a summary conducted from over 25 airport
Dormant authority is a provision in the Airline Deregulation Act which allows carriers to submit applications or notices to the reactive service or for the unused authority of other airlines on routes in which they have failed to provide their services. Hence, the dormant authority program was designed to reduce the legal barriers to entry
Foreign Object Debris Introduction Foreign Object Debris incidents are a substantial problem in the maintenance of aviation industry because it minimizes the safety levels significantly. However, it can be reduced and controlled by properly using the right control procedures and methods. FOD lead to destruction and severity to aircraft parts such as the engines and
Issues in Aviation Industry The airline business is an essential segment in the economic development of a country since it helps in generating revenues from its daily operations. The flight industry is affected by a myriad of problems ranging from political, economic, sociocultural to demographic issues (Mhlanga & Steyn, 2017). However, termination of the airline
Airport Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF) or Runway Incursions Aviation is arguably the safest mode of transportation. This ranking is a reflection of the unmatched safety standards and continuous investments towards safety programs in the industry. However, while aviation safety has been enhanced, accidents are inevitable due to human or mechanical error. Furthermore, the potential threat
Frank Whittle and the Race for the Jet Overview of the Article The article illustrates the origin of the turbo engine that powers most of the commercial airplanes and military crafts. The author denotes that Sir Frank Whittle was the pioneer of the turbojet engine that is currently used in the aeronautical industry. Whittle projected
FBO Management Q.1 Creating a good impression to the public is pivotal to the success of an FBO. Customers, in any field, choose providers that project a positive image and a sense of trust (Business Aviation Insider, 2018). The image begins from the outlook of the facility to how activities are carried out. For instance,