Recent years have seen a trend where parents push students into working hard in school, particularly in high school with the hope that such hard work will pay off through an admission to Ivy league schools. The push hinges on belief that admission to an Ivy league guarantees future financial, academic, and general success in
Indigenous Culture-Based Education Introduction Great achievements are attained when diverse abilities, interests, and strengths are understood and supported by cultural practices. Culture refers to practices, information, and meanings playing a central role in interpreting and characterizing diversity. Diversity ought to be valued as it is vital for the development of a strong sense of belonging
Alotaibi, Ahmad SM, and J. G. Alotaibi. “An Analytical Assessment of Lean Manufacturing Strategies and Methodologies Applied to Kuwait Oil Company (KOC).” GSTF Journal of Engineering Technology (JET) 3.4 (2016): 59.             This journal report addresses the issue of effluent water management in the Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) as it is said to be a
Lewis and Gardner update their first publication 1996 entitled Anthropology, Development and the PostModern Challenge with the production of Anthropology and Development: Challenges for the Twenty-First Century. In this latest production, Gardner and Lewis emphasis on the morality behind development in the twenty-first century. The writers use Gillian Hart’s theory to present their contradistinction on
1. Introduction Organizations that need to meet the contemporary needs of customers should always incorporate new technological solutions that are increasingly being utilized by consumers. One of the technologies that have advanced is a cell phone, mainly a smartphone. Mobile phones have become important devices for both retail stores and clients. For instance, customers can
Wal-Mart Supply Chain System Introduction The turn of the century has brought about varied changes in the business environment that has led to companies changing their strategies in order to achieve their goals. In the process, these organizations have ultimately reformed their structures as well as cultures. This paper centers its discussion on the Wal-Mart
A critical evaluation of strategy and approach for International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) Introduction             The International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) is committed to ensuring that the sports of athletics in the world develop. The organization achieves its objectives through the help of member states.  Among the primary responsibilities of the organization is
Capital Investments in Emerging Markets Recent statistics indicate that emerging markets represent a huge share of capital investments in the global equity market. The rapid growth of capital investments in the emerging markets, such as China, India, Latin America, and Africa has resulted in many countries across the globe redefining their strategies, by adopting new
Human Impacts on the Sustainability of Groundwater Introduction             The term ground water has been conceptualized as an invisible component of the hydrosphere, representing a hidden part of the water cycle (Alley et al., 1999). The term groundwater can simply be defined as the water below the ground surface. The global groundwater use has increased
Literature Review: Disruptive Innovation Introduction Disruptive innovation when perceived in relation to the prevailing market model entails the desire by small companies to establish a foothold in the market through introducing rapid expansion of its initiatives in the market. This approach to innovation does not seek to establish some form of sustainable products but a