Illustrated books were an important part of Iranian art during the 14th and 16th Centuries. After Ilkhanids took over the Iranian rule, he embarked on a program to revive the cultural practices in order to identify themselves with the previous kings in the land. Hülegü was Ilkhanids’ grandfather who had conquered Iran in 1258 C.E. During Ilkhanids’
The story of Odysseus and the Cyclops is one of the most renowned ancient Greek myths. It is narrated by Homer and is centered in the giant one-eyed Cyclops who fought Odysseus to the point he was about to kill him. The Cyclops are one of the most notable creatures in Greek mythology. Homer’s mythology
            Generally, the purpose of artwork is to convey ideas, either politically, socially, culturally, philosophically or spiritually among others. Artwork may also be intended to demonstrate a certain aspect of beauty, engender strong feelings and explore perceptions.  In other words, any work of art has a purpose that the artist intends to achieve.   A swift
Definition of Humanities Humanities is a spectrum of literary and scientific evaluation of the different concepts related to human co-existence, adaptation to the different environments, and understanding of the different elements in the living spaces. According to a publication by the Ohio Humanities Council, humanities refer to the stories, ideas, and words that help make
People have different concepts of what encompasses artistic expressions. For some the works of Leonardo Da Vinci and Pablo Picasso qualify as art yet photography or music are exempted from this category. Defining art is based on people’s understanding of humanity. Art can be defined as an expression or impersonation of a person’s surrounding based
The end of the Medieval period heralded a new perspective of the world. It marked the beginning of a new era, the Renaissance period, which was a rebirth of many things known to man at the time. Most importantly, Renaissance marked a new era in art, which digressed from the traditional form in the Medieval
Entertainment Professional Skills The entertainment industry is expanding and growing rapidly thanks to numerous technological advancements such as the internet. In general, the entertainment industry revolves around segments such as movies, events or shows in TV or radio, news, music, magazines, newspapers, books, and others. This industry, like any other, attracts a wide range of
He is an award winning fashion designer from Japan, born in 1943. He is a master of ultramodern designer who has received various accolades in regards to his overwhelming contributions in the fashion industry. He was raised up in a humble beginning by a mother who was herself a clothier who worked in the post-war
Question 1 The Ancient Near East refers to the region that covers the modern day Middle East, stretching from Mesopotamia, southeast Turkey, ancient Egypt, ancient Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Cyprus, and the Arabian Peninsula. The history of the ancient Near East dates to the 4th millennium BC during the Bronze Age and the Iron Age until
The name of the art is Viewfinder composed by Luke O’Sullivan. The masterpiece can be viewed at Robert L. Ringel Gallery, Stewart Center. As a norm, experts reveal that exhibition of O’Sullivan is often composed on different objects, drawing, and sculptures of multicolor (Bryant n.p). Significantly, in this particular artwork, O’Sulllivan creates an inverted building