This artist-curated show was the first of its kind and was mounted at the Museum of Guggenheim. The exhibition involved six contemporary curators where through their pivotal solo shows in the past, they were able to prove their skills and prowess in the presentation of various themes of art. The artists included Cai Guo-Qiang, ,
Sample Art Paper on Comparison of two Artworks   Enthroned Virgin and Child. 1150-1200                                Virgin and Child in Majesty-1175-1200     When you look at these two paintings, you realize that both of them are sculptures of two women each holding a child. The central subject of the two sculptures are the two
Sample Art Paper on Contemporary Art The contemporary art world is an entity in a constant state of flux. It is continuously transforming, renewing itself in multiple forms and variations. Some perceive the contemporary art world as pluralistic, continually breaking down barriers between different art forms and mediums to create something new and innovative (Stallabrass,
J.M. Coetzee Michael K lives in a period of enormous upheaval and bloodshed. The novel takes place in apartheid-era South Africa. Michael K is a black man who was born into poverty and adversity. He is an illegitimate child, and his mother dies shortly after giving birth. Michael K is raised by his grandmother, a
Museum of Islam Art/ Choosing Objects & Creating an Exhibition Shades Exhibition   PART 1 Discussion: Museums in Qatar, Creating Narratives at a time of Global Unease The article, Museums in Qatar: Creating Narratives at a time of Global Unease, discusses the beginning of political influence in the world or art and pottery in Qatar.
Illustrated books were an important part of Iranian art during the 14th and 16th Centuries. After Ilkhanids took over the Iranian rule, he embarked on a program to revive the cultural practices in order to identify themselves with the previous kings in the land. Hülegü was Ilkhanids’ grandfather who had conquered Iran in 1258 C.E. During Ilkhanids’
The story of Odysseus and the Cyclops is one of the most renowned ancient Greek myths. It is narrated by Homer and is centered in the giant one-eyed Cyclops who fought Odysseus to the point he was about to kill him. The Cyclops are one of the most notable creatures in Greek mythology. Homer’s mythology
            Generally, the purpose of artwork is to convey ideas, either politically, socially, culturally, philosophically or spiritually among others. Artwork may also be intended to demonstrate a certain aspect of beauty, engender strong feelings and explore perceptions.  In other words, any work of art has a purpose that the artist intends to achieve.   A swift
Definition of Humanities Humanities is a spectrum of literary and scientific evaluation of the different concepts related to human co-existence, adaptation to the different environments, and understanding of the different elements in the living spaces. According to a publication by the Ohio Humanities Council, humanities refer to the stories, ideas, and words that help make
People have different concepts of what encompasses artistic expressions. For some the works of Leonardo Da Vinci and Pablo Picasso qualify as art yet photography or music are exempted from this category. Defining art is based on people’s understanding of humanity. Art can be defined as an expression or impersonation of a person’s surrounding based