The Nakagin Capsule Tower Introduction The Nakagin Capsule Tower building was planned and constructed by a popular architect from Japan known as Kisho Kurokawa in the year 1972. Located in Tokyo, this plan takes into account various ideologies of recyclability, exchangeability, and metabolism as the model for sustainable architecture. The building comprises of 144 capsules
Wellness in Health and Being Happy Wellness is not just being free from diseases as it involves one’s physical, and social well-being. When discussing wellness, it is impossible to ignore the three elements that are crucial to a person’s wellness. Wellness helps me to relate peacefully. It enables me to be at peace with my
THEORY OF FUNCTION, FORM, AND AESTHETICS The architectural field has experienced several revolutions through the centuries. As a result, many theorists have varied views and approaches towards the common words used in architecture. These words include purpose, function, and use. Although the three words may be used interchangeably in other fields, according to architectural theorists
Compare/Contrast Vietnam Veterans & World War 2 Memorials & compare them to 2 ancient works Vietnam Veterans & World War II Memorials The World War II and Vietnam Veterans Memorials were created with the same goal of providing a place of remembrance, mourning, and celebrating the brave men and women who served in the respective
Strategic Analysis of Melco and Implications for Position of the Company Introduction to the Company The company (Melco Crown) is a developer as well as operator of casino gaming and entertainment resort facilities. The company’s amenities comprise guest rooms, top-notch dining space, as well as spacious and contemporary casino. The company also operates nightclubs, operating
Architecture, Building and Planning (Skyscrapers) Introduction The skyscraper is possibly the most significant architectural building type in the current modern era. The origin and history of skyscraper is surrounded by different kinds of literature. However, the architectural design of the modern skyscrapers has been transformed due to the advancement in technology. In the current society,
Urban consolidation Introduction Ineffective decisions as well as old fashioned policies in organizations have been blamed for environmental degradation. The environmental problems we are facing today include climatic changes, loss of the biodiversity, poor land use patterns, and unsustainable water sources and challenged food supplies. To arrest and better the environmental situation, new policies as
Energy Conservation in Buildings Using Passive House Certification. Passive house is an advanced energy performance and ultimate comfort standard for both non-residential and residential building. A passive house is a structure that is considered to be the ultimately low energy or passive solar building. It is designed to particular limits regarding solar use for heating
Venice and Islam in the Middle Ages by Howard Howard writes the article; Venice and Islam in the Middle Ages, to provide her observation on the probes of architectural influence. She focuses on isolating and identifying the characteristics in the Venetian built ecosystems that can be attributed to and are specifically of an Islamic origin.