The greatest mandate for educator is to provide education to diverse student populations, with equal access to learning and create understanding of the cultural encounters of students from minority groups. As such, Murrell’s In Search of Responsive Teaching for African American Males is a vital resource for educators to evoke thoughts of enhancing teaching skills
What stood out? Elisha Capiendo used his post to explain various concepts learnt in chapter 8 of the course book. Through exemplifications on schools and the courses they offer, the post provides a detailed explanation of what social stratification and life chances are, and goes further to communicate clearly on how the education system contributes
            Parole should be used in the United States, as it is a form of making the sentences given to convicted individuals less punitive. This is the case after the incarcerated individual reforms while in prison. Parole has various benefits to the prisoner and the state as well. The possibility of parole gives the prisoner
Coccidia Overview of the Disease             Coccidia is a parasite that causes a disease known as Coccidiosis (PET MD, n.d). An animal like a dog can acquire protozoa through the stool. Once inside the body the parasite shifts to the intestine where it starts to reproduce. The parasite has the potential to survive in the
GMOs and Climate Change Agriculture remains an important global backbone to life, in terms of providing the food for most of the living things. Furthermore, human life is largely dependent on agriculture, something that has led to the development of technological innovations on the same sector. It is no secret that as years pass by,
A nation of immigrants What is this reading about; what is the major point or argument. The reading is about the restrictive refugee policy of the 1930s that is compared with the Cold War refugee admissions of the1950s and early 1960s.This chapter examines how the immigration Act failed to provide special procedures and exemptions for
Myth and Meaning By Claude Levi-Strauss Claude Levi-Strauss’s “Myth and Meaning” is a short interesting book that offers great insight into the mystery of the existence of humans. The text in this book can be read comfortably in a few hours due to its wide spacing. It equally makes one think about different paradoxes. For
TAX Research Memorandum Tax questions Does a third party intervention affect the rules of taxation as initially applied? Due to lack of domestic revenue, Rex is unable to pay the mortgage that is up for seven months now. Interventions by Dot to pay off the mortgage results to the bank writing off its debt over
Affordable Care Act             Affordable Care Act grants health insurance reforms that may affect families, individuals, insurers, government entities and businesses among others. This act provides American citizens with improved health security mechanisms. Jorge Rios’s family is definitely affected by this act in various ways. Firstly, it requires that every American citizen has health insurance
Coffee Maker’s Incorporated MEMO Introduction Coffee Maker’s Incorporated (CMI) has been involved in a dispute. This dispute is with regard to the divisions in the organizations, that is – Division A, Division B, and Division C. The problem is partly caused by the lowering of prices by outside suppliers and the unwillingness of division C