Business Studies Essay Paper on Introduction to Google’s Wellness Program

Introduction to Google’s Wellness Program

Google’s wellness program is usually offered at the company’s headquarters in Mountain View, California, as well as in most of its branches. The program incorporates numerous on-site services that allow employees to enjoy services without leaving the offices. Employees usually enjoy services, such as haircuts and hairstyles, massage therapy, dry cleaning services, and fitness classes (Exercising Wellness Programs, 2014).The wellness program aims at ensuring that all employees in Google are continuously engaged in advancing their personal health and fitness. The program makes employees feel that the company cares and values their contributions.

 Google’s wellness program began in 2011 to administer employee wellness at the workplace. The program “Optimize Your Life” became an international health and wellness initiative to offer all employees at Google the resources they required to remain healthy and happy while at work (Google optimizes staff health, 2011). The company’s management decided to add value to its employees on top of focusing on productivity. Having fun at the workplace has been found to enhance production, creativity, and learning, in addition to reduced absenteeism. The program has actually resulted in low costs of health and reduced injuries at work. Google wanted to create a situation where the company’s success is built from employees who are satisfied with their job.

Companies that cater for the well-being of their employees usually record high productivity. Google’s wellness program covers on the employees’ health and fitness while at the office premises. Employees usually gain through fitness facilities, daily classes, in addition to healthy food throughout the day (Love, 2012). The benefits accrued include increased morale at the workplace, minimizing absenteeism, increased productivity, reduced health care costs, as well as increased company loyalty among Google’s employees. Overall, Google’s wellness program is beneficial to employees as it has the capacity to elongate their lives, increase their creativity, and protect them from lifestyle diseases.


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