Business Studies Essay Paper on Entrepreneur


There are several definitions that can be obtained from the word entrepreneur. They range from the common business aspect to the wide social aspect. One of these is the fact that it is highly related to the process of entrepreneurship that is concerned with the starting of a business or an organization. In this relation, an entrepreneur is the person who comes up with a model for a business, gets the necessary human and other resources, and becomes fully responsible for the success of the business as well as its failure (Volkmann, Torkaski and Ernst 10). An entrepreneur is one who operates within a particular entrepreneurship ecosystem, and provides business solutions within the same area (Volkmann, Torkaski and Ernst 6).

Recent advancements have also resulted in the creation of social entrepreneurs. This has come up from the realization that first class entrepreneurs are able to make powerful and good uses of new ideas. As a result, the social entrepreneurs are those individuals who are able to produce innovative solutions to most of the problems that tend to press hard on the society. This is made possible by some of the characteristics and features that they possess (Volkmann, Torkaski and Ernst 8). These include the ambition and persistence to tackle most of the major social ideas in the society. In addition, they also offer new ideas on a wider scale. Thus, instead of letting the governments or businesses to handle societal needs, they find the problem and solve it by changing the system and spreading the solution (Volkmann, Torkaski and Ernst 11).

The term entrepreneur had currently shifted from the business sector to the citizen sector in a number of ways. With this, most of the business and social problems faced in the community have been solved (Volkmann, Torkaski and Ernst 4).

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