Business Studies Essay Paper on Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility to me would mean the various actions that a specific company would put in place to come up with informed ways of giving back to the society with which they get most of the things from. The response someone should get from a socially responsible company is the focus on the better ways of how to improve the environmental structure of the company. I believe that if a company takes it as its initiative to respond to the various needs and wants of the society, then it would be socially responsible. For example, the installation of the street lights to enhance security would serve a great deal in the delivery of services to such communities.

It should be one of the most fundamental objectives of the various firms to take care of the environment where they do the business. Since the community forms the better part of the organizations it is the obligation of the company to uptake some of the pertinent activities for these individuals as a whole. And therefore, the company should view the activities such as creating shades, offering more jobs to the locals and the like as a privilege they give to the community but is should be viewed as part of the objectives and hence the obligations that they need to accomplish for the society.

Lastly, I strongly believe that the key to building a good rapport and a formidable reputation as a company is through making sure that the social responsibility of the firm is clearly outlined and accomplished in the best way possible. Human beings are quite susceptible to appreciation and for that matter a high sense of value and attention should be given to them as a company since this invariably prompts a social attachment to the community. This can only be tie can only be made if we as a company incorporate imperative social responsibilities in our system.