Business Studies Article Review Essay Paper on Organisation contemporary principles and practice

Article Review

I agree with the ideas of the essay on the impacts of ICT in the operations of virtual organizations. The advanced technology makes it possible to come up with the virtual organizations using internet connections. In addition, I concur with the essay that the virtual organizations consists of additional resources than it could be seen. Such resources include the storage memory. The structure of the organizations is also directed by nature of the dynamic environment, more so globalization. I support the arguments that globalization has caused firms to change from the flat organization structure to network virtual organization structures. Thus, the changing nature of business environment and factors could affect the inherent organizational structure. However, the essay does not record the significant between the conventional organization and the virtual organization. The operations of the two types of organization are different as reflected from the roles of the managers in the different stages (Roberts 129).

Most importantly, I acknowledge the benefits of the virtual organization over conventional organization documented in the essay. The advantages include lack of physical structures, improved coordination, flexibility and responsiveness, reduced costs and adequate innovation and market opportunities (Child 124). I can advise organizations to adopt the virtual organization structure. As documented in the essay, the example of Sun Microsystem does not explicitly reflect a virtual organization. Since, the virtual organization relates to the use of internet and networking. Thus, I agree with discussion reflected in the essay by the writer, as it covers the information about the virtual organization.  


After understanding the concepts of the virtual organization, what is the impact of strategy, organization, and the environment on the performance?

How organization design and strategic choice affects the various types of organization structure?

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