Business Research Paper Sample on McDonald’s Corporate Responsibility

McDonald’s corporate responsibility

McDonalds is making tremendous corporate responsibility changes to appeal to the stakeholders. Its stakeholders include investors, employees, clients, government agencies and the general public. The company has faced pressure in the past due to the claims that its food contributed to the poor health of American’s. These accusations were based on the fact that the company sells fast foods whose nutritional value is poor. The company has had to make changes to its menu to improve the quality of the food it is offering and to match the efforts of other corporations in implementing sustainable corporate social responsibility programs. These efforts are paying off based on the rankings of the company and its achievements in that field in the past few years.

McDonald’s is ranked by Forbes as the 6th most valuable brand, 207th in the global 2000, 345th in terms of sales, 124thin profits, 702 in assets and 87th in market value. The size of this company and its global presence implies that it is on the spotlight and stakeholders expect the organization to be involved in corporate responsibility programs. These stakeholders include the employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers and communities the company operates in. The global reporting initiative 2015 reports shows that the company has improved the quality of the food offered by increasing the amount of fruits served and reduced the amount of fats present (“Our journey together for good”, 2015). The company has also made efforts to reduce the amount of carbon footprint associated with the company and its supply chain. This has been achieved by using green energy and encouraging suppliers to use similar form of energy. The company is also recycling as much waste as possible to reduce the amount it disposes off to the environment. Cooking oil is reused in the preparation of food while a significant amount of waste is reused in the organization (Jochim, Ottenbacher & Harrington, 2015). These efforts have led to a significant improvement in rankings of the company in the CSR Hub rankings and reputation institute rankings.

The company should continue to improve the quality of food since it is main product. People judge the company mainly based on the quality of food sold.  The company should also strive to meet the standards of organizations which it is a member. This is important so that the company can attain the high corporate responsibility standards of these organizations.


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