Body Paragraph Examples

Body Paragraph Examples

Knowing where to acquire high quality body paragraph examples will enable you to master the art of writing top notch academic papers with ease. Using the examples, you will be able to clearly see how good body paragraphs should be crafted. Keep reading for the best guidelines on where to get the right body paragraph examples. Besides, you will also find samples to refer to in writing your own.

Body paragraph examples are samples of paragraphs of various kinds of papers. By reading them, you are able to find inspiration on how to write the best paragraphs for an essay, research paper, dissertation, report or any other work. In fact, a professionally crafted body paragraph sample can vividly show you how to construct every part of an academic paper.

Body paragraphs account for a greater percentage of the paper since it is where you will be required to explain your ideas in detail. This implies knowing where to find and how to write good ones can ensure successful academic results on your part.

Things to consider when looking for body paragraph examples

Although there are various places where you can obtain samples of body paragraphs, it should be noted that not all are always good. This implies you have to be keen in your search in order to always find the best body paragraph examples.


One of the main elements to consider when looking for examples of body paragraphs is quality of work. Only a professionally written sample can help you in writing outstanding paragraphs. Therefore, you should always take some time to read a couple of examples in order to determine the best.

Good body paragraph samples should be short and well written in a language that readers can understand and relate to. Besides, they should also be properly crafted in relevance to the subject of the paper.

Always try to acquire samples that are written by experienced professionals in your career or course. The examples should also be well researched and crafted without grammatical and spelling mistakes.

The best quality sample body paragraphs should bear the following additional features:

  • Specific evidence or supporting detail
  • Proper transitions between sentences and paragraphs
  • Unity and cohesion
  • A final sentence that connects the evidence and detail back to the main claim and brings the discussion to a close.


Writing term papers and assignments are a common occurrence in school and it is always important that you know a source which can always offer you the required samples at your own convenience.

The most ideal place to find examples of body paragraphs should be one that you can gain access to at any time of need. This will help you in keeping deadlines.

When looking for sample body paragraphs, it is also important to consider the costs. There are some online custom paper writing service providers that offer sample papers for free while others charge a fee. However, there are several places where you can easily find free samples for writing body paragraphs, as you will discover herein.

The best way to determine the right place to obtain sample body paragraph samples from is by reading reviews of your sources. Reviews are written by others who have acquired samples from those sources and can easily tell you what to expect from each.

Where to acquire professionally written body paragraph examples

With the above considerations in place, you can now go ahead to finding the best place to obtain top notch body paragraph examples from.

There are quite a number of sources that you can acquire good sample body paragraphs from, including:

Writing services

This is perhaps, the most reliable and efficient avenue that you should pursue in order to easily avoid the hustle of searching for examples of body paragraphs. However, you should always be on the look-out since not all the online sources are reliable and can deliver the best quality that you deserve.

The following are some of the best online writing services that you should try out for high quality body paragraph samples.

This is an online writing service that can offer you body paragraph samples for different kinds of academic papers. Besides, they also have a blog from where you can easily choose the samples that you need. Follow this link to check out some of their samples.

For body paragraph samples of essays, research papers, dissertations among others, you should try out the services on this site. Click here to read samples of the body paragraphs of their academic papers.

Your school’s writing centre

Today, a wide range of high schools, colleges and universities have writing centres that you can easily access online for sample papers. These sites are packed with professional advice for students, which you can rely on for more insights on how to deliver good body paragraphs.

In case your school does not have one, there are others online that you can still check out for the examples that you need.

MasseyUniversity OWLL is one of the places where you can access sample body paragraphs. Besides, the site also offers other academic resources to assist you in crafting various kinds of papers-


Although many students often overlook libraries when doing looking for help with academic papers, they still remain an important source of information. In your school’s library, you will be able to get samples of past papers written by students and professionals in your field. These can be quite useful in writing your own, considering that they are also within your reach.

Technology has made it much easier today for students to access learning materials. Some libraries have digitalized their resources such that you can easily acquire the sample papers that you need at your own convenience.

Online news websites

The format for writing essays and other academic papers are almost similar to how news is constructed. In fact, even the writing processes are not different. This means you can still access online news sites for insights on how to write body paragraphs for your papers.

However, it is important to note that there are several news websites over the internet. This can make it sometimes a bit challenging when it comes to choosing the best.

An example of an online news website that you can try out is BBC. The website has well crafted news stories and advice on how to write different parts of a paper. You can check the website here.

Body paragraph samples

In order to make it much easier for you to get help with writing body paragraphs for a paper, we have randomly picked some professionally crafted samples. Carefully read the following body paragraph examples for inspiration in writing your own.

Examples 1

Sample body paragraph from an essay about China Retail Industry

‘’…In the past years, China’s retail market has been growing quite fast with annual expansion rates of more than 10 percent. However, growth was slowed in 2013 when it recorded only 7.7 percent. There is no cause for alarm since China has been consistent with this growth in an attempt to conduct an overhaul to protect the economy of the nation from the dependency that it has had on export-based manufacturing, heavy industry, state-controlled investments among others for a long time…’’ Click here to read the rest of the body paragraphs.

Example 2

Example of a body paragraph from a sample essay on Sustainable Management of Natural Resources

‘’…While this is the case, the natural ecosystems of the world are under immense and increasing pressure to expand and provide sustainable supply of fuel, fiber and food among other commodities while making provisions for services that are related to clean water, air and biodiversity. Some of the areas that can be focused on to ensure natural resources are sustainably managed include:

  • Economic and ecological interrelationships in management of ecosystems
  • Assessment of ecosystem services
  • Behavior and management of resource managers
  • Bio-energy, climate change and carbon sequestration
  • Optimal multi-use management of natural resources like forests and parks.

Sustainable management of natural resources entails management of how natural landscapes interact with people…’’ Click on this link to read the other parts of the sample.

Example 3

Sample paragraph from an essay about Medical Law and Ethics

‘’…Physicians need medical records to provide better and appropriate treatment to the patient. Medical records enable doctors to determine the type of medications that adversely affect the patient and thus, avoid prescribing such medications (Breen 87). Not all drugs meant for treatment of a particular disease would produce the expected results on patients. Some patients may be allergic to some of these drugs and the doctor should be the first person to have such knowledge. Only the medical record would enable the physician to identify the medications that might cause such allergies…’’ Read the whole sample here.

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