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Genericide The loss of a trademark is a blow to companies that incur costs to maintain the names of their products. Companies that fail to safeguard their trademarks fear that their product names might become generic, leading to exploitation by third parties. For instance, escalator, zipper, and Aspirin, were once trademarks that expressed particular brands,

Cultuurpark Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam Introduction The famous Cultuurpark Westergasfabriek is also referred to, as Westergasfabriek, and it was a former gasworks factory situated in Amsterdam, Netherlands although it is presently a cultural venue. The architect is the renowned Kathryn Gustafson. Ideally, the huge obstacle in designing this reputable park was to transform a polluted site

The Plight of Latino Immigrants in The United States The current state of the Latin Americas is a reflection of the social, economic and political challenges faced by the country. The characteristics that have been associated with the community include political upheavals and violation of human rights. The population of the Latinos in America grew

A Study of the Influence of the Atomic Bomb Experience to Post-war Japan Introduction At the helm of the world war two that occurred in around 1940, the US dropped a mega nuclear bomb on the city of Hiroshima, Japan. They then dropped another bomb three days later in Nagasaki. During these times, Japan as

A Case Study on A Potential Conflict Regarding Brad Smith’s Dilemma Smith’s Dilemma As a professional director of a Memorial Hospital laboratory, Smith finds himself in a challenging dilemma regarding his decision to begin his postgraduate studies. Smith manages a proficient staff of 67 employees in a large, complex, and highly occupied laboratory that requires

The Movie Amour by Michael Haneke In most films directed and created by the Michael Haneke, the art of violence has been used in a very thoughtful manner.  In superficial view, one would accentuate that he is trying to connote the high level of violence that negatively affects the well-being of the society. A closer scrutiny

Goodness and Badness of Actions Introduction The field of axiology focuses on values or ethics and aesthetics, perspectives that are part of everyday life. For a long time, there have been debates on whether particular behaviors exhibited by people in day-to-day life are right or wrong, and it is in such scenarios that the concept

Determinism and Free Will Introduction When the topic of metaphysics is mentioned, focus shifts to philosophical perspectives that give an explanation of the fundamental nature of being or existence and the universe that encompasses both. Metaphysics often seeks to answer basic questions, such as “what is there” and “what is it like.” One of the


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