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How does George Gadamer in The Play of Art explain the “play drive?” George Gadamer is a philosophy expert with particular interest and expertise in the philosophy tradition of hermeneutic. He pursues the playful character of art in his “The Play of Art”. In the reading, the author investigates how a play can be used

Chipotle Mexican Grill Analysis Case Summary Steve Ells founded Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG) in 1993 when he first opened the first restaurant in Denver, Colorado. The company went public in 2006, and it became listed on the New York Stock Exchange ( As at 31 December 2015, CMG was operating 2,010 establishments in different geographical

Microbiology and clinical manifestations of Molluscum contagiosum             Individuals infected with Molluscum contagiosum show signs of chronic infections limited to particular parts of the body. The illness is caused by viruses that affect the skin, causing irritation and it advances with time. The individuals suffering from the ailment show raised parts of the skin in

Sample Research Paper on Unemployment

Unemployment Types of Unemployment The causes and effects of unemployment differ, depending on the type of unemployment. Towards this end, four types of unemployment are discussed as below: Frictional unemployment This refers to the period when an individual is switching jobs, or between one job and another. Frictional unemployment happens due to a discrepancy between

Skepticism and knowledge Introduction One of the greatest concerns on the topic of epistemology has been the correlation between skepticism and knowledge. To determine the correlation between the two terms, having a clear understanding of their definitions is essential. First, skepticism is defined as having a questioning attitude or behavior towards beliefs or opinions that,

Sample Essays on Paris Peace Conference

Paris Peace Conference Undoubtedly, the various provisions of the Paris Peace Treaty were not of benefit but rather had the intention of hurting Germany’s economy. First, the treaty acknowledged the fact that Germany was the mastermind of the destruction and damages incurred by its rival nations as well as their subjects. Besides, it can be

Michael Toolan – Narrative Theories I.Context Michael Toolan isan Edinburgh University educated professor of English Language and Literature at Birmingham University.While teaching for several years with focus on the English language, the distinctive professor has engaged in authorship and publication of several literary materials aimed at improving the learning capability of The English language in

Fundraising in Nonprofit Organizations Success in Fundraising Organizations adopt various ways of raising funds with some paying attention to high dollar corporate fundraisings while others seek grants from foundations. One of the most common modes of fundraising that have emerged is online and social media campaigns. Regardless of the manner in which a firm seeks


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