Biology Essay Paper on Effects of Evolution on the Modern Man

Effects of Evolution on the Modern Man

Human evolution has been described as a lengthy process that commenced over five million ago with man having originated from apelike beings. Evolution of human beings still remains to be an integral and intriguing subject in the field of paleoanthropology. This is due to the fact that a vast majority of human beings had thought that the human evolution was at a standstill.  According to the erudite paleoanthropologists, man is believed to have evolved through four vital events. These are categorized as the origin of terrestriality, followed by bipedality, encephalization and the last category being the evolution of culture.

            According to professional scientists, the main reason as to why man continues to evolve lies on the hereditary factor which are the genes. Genes are described as the building blocks of heredity which determines human behavior and their phenotypic traits. Scientists have used the human genes to elucidate an overwhelming evidence of man having evolved and diverged from the African primates. Through evolutionary genetics, man has been able to study how genome of human beings reveals the evolutionary process and relationships between man and the common ancestors of all organisms. Although genetic evolution has been regarded as being a slow process, this usually results to changes in the DNA sequence which eventually results in new phenotype traits. For example, the evolutionary genetics has enabled man to adapt easily to the current environment and thus being fit not to be selected out by natural selection which had been an issue in the heydays. Natural selection had been one of Darwinian theories where an unfit organism was naturally selected out through survival for the fittest process. Biologically, modern evolution has seen more reproductive success and thus high human survival rates.

Man continues to evolve culturally by acquiring a myriad of attitudes, beliefs, customs, preferences, norms and skills. Human beings have evolved culturally through social learning processes which include teaching and imitation. Today’s culture has changed overtime due tothe fast paced development of technology which continues to influence the existing culture. Amid an array of technological development, human beings have adapted to the new way of life. The modern man has today gained the skills and knowledge of using the technological devices whilst also having altered some of the past practices such as fashion and some cultural practices which were considered to be vital in the past. In the modern world, man uses his technological expertise to easily carry out duties such as cooking, construction of houses among other duties. Besides this, the modern man has embraced equality in such a way that culture no longer influences man or a woman to be restricted in performing certain specific duties.

The human evolution has also seen the modern man experience tremendous changes in terms of behavior. The behavior of a person is usually related to the predominant existing culture and traditions. Man has evolved to be a more social creature with high cognitive recognition. The modern man is today more proficient in playing a game of social manipulation and status acquisition. In addition, the modern man has the capacity to think, imagine, create and learn from past experiences. This has seen the modern man involved in several innovations that have improved lives and made work much easier. An example of man’s behavioral change was when man invented the mobile phones which have further helped in promoting the social nature of human beings through a technologically advanced way of communication.

Evolution of man has seen today’s man being able to easily adapt and survive to the ever changing environmental conditions. According to Darwin’s theory, the environment is known to naturally selecting the organisms possessing some of the best traits matching with the environment. The modern man is able to survive in the current environment due to the genetic evolution which has biologically influenced man to adapt to a wide range of environmental conditions. Through genetic evolution, man has developed resistance to a plethora of diseases thus enabling man to survive in some environments. Besides this, behavioral changes have influenced man’s innovation capabilities. It is with this profound reason that the current modern man can develop various technologies that protect man from harsh environmental conditions thus enabling man to survive in most environments. For instance, man has developed dams which act as reservoirs for rain water. This has more so been built in areas of high rainfalls thus protecting man from flooding effects. In conclusion, man’s response environmental stress remains to be a vital determinant of heredity of genes from one generation to another thus having an influence on the evolution.