Basics of Writing a Case Study: The six Elements

Basics of Writing a Case Study: The six Elements

Writing a case study requires prior intensive planning so you can obtain maximum results. While planning on how you will write a case study, it is important that you consider the following basic elements:

1)     Problem statement

You must clearly and strongly state a problem that requires a solution. Although there could be multiple problems related to the main issue you are addressing, your focus should be one main point. All the elements of writing a case study should focus or revolve around solving this problem. You must also be strategic in presenting your problem such that it does not conflict with the scope of your study.

2)     Stating the thesis

This is the objective of the research. They are the steps that the research will take to arrive at a particular goal.  The thesis statement should state clearly the position the researcher will be seeking to prove or disapprove. The thesis statement should also be crafted carefully, such that it will not say or insinuate something the research cannot prove.

3)     Defining the terms and discussing certain theories

Different terms have different meanings in different context. When writing a thesis statement, define clearly the terms that will be used in the research process. Also, discuss theories relevant in helping you to achieve the aims and objectives of the research.

4)     Defining research methods

Based on the nature of your research question, you could adopt qualitative or quantitative research methods. Justify why the chosen topic is most appropriate and the limitations associated with it.

5)     Discuss how the findings will be applied to the case findings

After coming up with findings, discuss how the recommendations given will be implemented in order to provide a practical solution to the problem.

6)     Abstraction and duplication

When a different researcher follows the same procedures as indicated in the case study, he/she should arrive at a similar conclusion. Abstraction on the other hand means that a different researcher can build in the findings of another researcher when writing a case study.

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