Aviation Essay Paper Sample on APM485 A015 journal entry

APM485 A015 journal entry

            During this exercise, I acquired vital knowledge on the criteria used in classifying airspaces, Air Traffic Control Operations and navigational aids (NAVAIDs). The classification of airports determines the capacity of the air carriers allowed to land. The air operations served by the airports, primarily scheduled and unscheduled operations, also determines the classification of airports. For example, I learned that Class IV airports are the only airports allowed to serve unscheduled large carrier aircrafts with a capacity of 30 seats and about. They are also permitted to serve scheduled operations for small aircrafts with between 10 to 30 seats or large ones with up to over 30 seats. Classification also takes into account the hazmat capacity of such airports, emergency plans, ground vehicle operations, pavement and NAVAIDs.

            I also learnt of the importance air traffic control (ATC) Operations. ATC unit plays a vital role in ensuring airport safety as it ensures that there is organized, timed and controlled flow of aircrafts in and out of the airports thereby ensuring that there are no collisions. NAVAIDs are also vital in ensuring airport safety by acting as external position navigators for the pilots. I learned that NAVAIDs are important in warning pilots of any dangers especially on the runway or the aircraft paths. In conclusion, this exercise provided me with vital information on the complexity of airport operations especially when it comes to ensuring safety and in cases of emergencies. I learned that ensuring airport safety involves combined actions, plans, certification and classification. Safety begins and extends beyond the classification of airports as this ensures that only the right aircraft carriers land on the right airports as well as what hazmat cargos are allowed in particular airport classes.