The Successful Dead Recently, a story emerged of a 24 year old man whose fate mirrored that of Icarus in the Greek myth of Daedalus and Icarus who attempted to fly using artificial wings. In the real life story, the young man named James had been brought up in a rather affluent home from his
Having a network that supports healthy living inspires a circular living as a developing form of consciousness. Although the contemporary society and culture are entirely capitalistic, which perpetuates a materialism sickness, Dallas Arcand advocates for a life through a circular lens that living a simple life can be more fulfilling. Consequently, Arcand’s learns and perfects
Introduction In the medicine field, a prosthesis or prosthetic implant refers to an artificial device designed to replace a missing body part, which may be lost because of trauma, congenital disorder, or disease. The primary purpose of prosthetics is to restore the full functions of a missing body part. For instance, the process of amputee
Thesis: As environmentalists agitate for the humane treatment of animals, animal liberators argue that the only way to end animal suffering is by assigning them equal rights with human beings, which undermines the efforts towards establishing a society that will protect people and animals. Humanity and Nature  Cruelty to animals and environmental destruction are
The advances in science and technology translates to higher life expectancy. Hence, the populations aging in a society that can prolong life and delay death provides a chance to predict the gradual increase in the pervasiveness of degenerative and incapacitating diseases. In addition, recently the process of end-life has shifted from the home context to
Dzwonkowska, D. (2018). Is Environmental Virtue Ethics Anthropocentric? Journal of Agricultural & Environmental Ethics, 31(6), 723–738. 018-9751-6. Dzwonkowska (2z018) opined that the application of virtue ethics to environmental ethics contradicts human centeredness approach. The author explored three types of anthropocentrism, namely ontological, epistemological, and ethical that designated either the form of human- centeredness or
Case being reviewed: Union Neighbors United, Inc. v. Jewell, No. 15-5147, United States Court of Appeals, District of Columbia Circuit, (2016). Introduction/Background The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) of 1969 lays down procedures for federal agencies before commencing on major actions. Environmental Assessment (EA) is mainly conducted to determine whether or not a major federal
Liptak (2018) precisely identified the major contentions that the state of California has with President Trump administration. The news article brings out the differences between Democrats and Republicans. The article identified three main distinct issues: emissions, immigration, and land use. One of President Trump’s election promises was stringent immigration policy and laws. The president deemed
The conflicting views on relations between human beings and the nonhuman natural world regarding conservation are not new. It is no secret that human activities have negatively impacted the enjoyment of ecological services. In 1962, Rachel Carson publicized a book titled Silent Spring that cautioned on human activities mainly from agricultural practices and the use
One of the primary goals of government is to protect the society. The government mainly achieves the objective by formulating polices and laws to curb behaviours that are viewed as immoral. Drug use a social problem that has affected the general wellbeing of the society. Unsurprisingly, Canada and the US have taken measures to mitigate