Assignment Writing Help on Working mothers do not wreck their families

Working mothers do not wreck their families

Do working mothers really wreck families? How? What research evidence proves this? Does this term refer to the contemporary setting or the traditional style where women were regarded as housewives and men slaves? In large context, this statement is usually supported by irrational minds/thinkers who still do not value the rights and values of women. Consider Brazils President Ellen, Former US secretary of state, single mothers, and many other successful women in the business world. Are they home wreckers or good examples to the society? Working mothers do not wreck families, but rather enhance, boost and create a golden foundation for the families.

In the contemporary society where many parents are single, or the income is meager should we not encourage the husband and wife to support the family? Should single women not work to support their families? The family plays a vital role in raising the children and working women provide good examples to the girl child as well as demonstrating responsibility traits to the society.

Some writers argue that working mothers brings child-rearing burden to the family since the children are left in day cares and others with house helps who may not be trusted. This statement is true to a certain extent, but it should not be taken that all house helps or daycares are bad. In fact, house helps are protected by the labor laws and have codes of professional conduct. Many of them nurture good behavior in children whom they take care of.

At the same time, the salary earned by the husbands may be too little to cater for all the family requirements. This being the case, it would be illogical not to allow women to work to support the family. The contribution of both parents would go a long way in bringing up children.

All in all, working doesn’t mean leaving the children and the husband alone, but rather it is an investment and tradeoff that the spouses make if they want a better life for their children and for themselves in future.  Women should try to inform their children of the need to work and the life complexities. Non-working women may face more challenges in bringing up family than the working women.