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Values Clarification Paper

Each one of us is defined by certain values that we hold dear to. A value refers to a mission, philosophy or belief with a meaning attached to it (Introduction to values, n.d.). Whereas some individuals tend to be acquainted with, and hence acknowledge the various personal values that they strongly believe in, other individuals are not even aware of this (Introduction to values, n.d.). Regardless, values act us a source of motivation to us (Mind Tools, n.d.). On the other hand, it is not just individuals who cherish values, but also individuals as well. Values define who we are, and what we love doing with our lives. Not surprisingly then, values influence our choice of career (Living Values Project, n.d.). In my case, I have always demonstrated a concern for others. I always feel compelled to demonstrate care and compassion to others. I am also a good communicator and listener as well, and I do this with patience and dedication. I am a firm believer in the pursuance of individual well-being. I do not believe in taking personal credit for a job done well by a team but rather, is happy to belong to the winning team. Above all, I am sensitive to the plight of others, and hence treat them with kindness and respect. In choosing where to work, I have found that my personal values always take centre stage, because I would want to work under an environment that I am happy in. It is not a wonder then, that I found a calling in the nursing profession.

Upon graduating from nursing school, I worked at Saint Clare’s Hospital. However, before I commenced my duties, I had to first establish if the vision and mission statement of Saint Clare’s Hospital were in agreement with my personal values. This was important because I am a firm believer that the values espoused by the organisation where one works at should mirror the ones the individual in question believes in. This will thus ensure that the individual is happy, and contented with their working environment. They will not only be productive, but also find passion in their work, which is important for their own well-being. At Saint Clare’s Hospital, I was especially attracted by the words “extraordinary compassionate care” that was contained in the hospital’s mission statement. Upon reading this statement, I immediately knew that I would want to work in such an environment that

I, however, no longer work at Saint Clare’s Hospital, having moved on to the Newark Beth Israel Medical Centre. Again, before switching jobs, I ensured that I had first analysed both the mission and vision statements of hat would now become my new workplace. On its mission statement, the Newark Beth Israel Medical Centre promises that it is a health care provider that is committed to excellence. It does this by imparting knowledge and skills to its staff to enhance competency in the provision of compassionate care. The hospital also hopes to improve patient safety through the delivery of clinically appropriate and safe care.

Moreover, the medical centre is committed to regulatory compliance through interaction with high integrity. Besides, the medical centre has a vision of providing high quality clinical practice that enhances customer satisfaction and hence become a centre of health care delivery of choice. The fact that the hospital is a smoke-free environment is a testimony that it is committed to not only preventing tobacco-related illnesses from developing in the first place, but also to discourage its use.

While my personal values have not changed with a change in my place of work, I have nonetheless, developed additional personal values that I cherish, and which I have borrowed from Newark Beth Israel Medical Centre. These are: commitment to excellence, and integrity. These are not new values to me however, because they are taught in nursing school. However, they integrate well with my existing personal values. This is a clear indication that I am quite contented with where I work. 

I have always found my colleagues at the workplace and our superiors to be in full support of the decisions that I make in my appointed duties. I always endeavour to ensure that such decisions are in conformance with the mission and vision of the organisation and that are supported by the personal values that I espouse. This would not have been possible if there had been a conflict between my individual values and those of my workplace. Since the organisation has set up elaborate decision making structures, conflicts rarely happen and when they do, we are able to solve them amicably.

            Personal values are important for the attainment of a satisfactory work-life balance. I so far worked at two different workplaces, and yet I can claim to enjoy my work in both environments because the values they believe in closely mirrors those that I believe in. This has made my work even more enjoyable. Consequently, I have seen my productivity and competency improve, while I have also developed a good working relationship with my colleagues and superiors.


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