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The Future Trajectory of France

The article compares the prevalent demographic factors of German and French economies. The population in France is growing at a higher rate than in Germany – a factor that could see the country rise above Germany in terms of Gross Domestic Product. The French political scene is turning against euro zone ties. This could worsen the relationship between these countries, especially, and most importantly, the economic ties. On the other hand, Great Britain has a strong military power and a big Muslim population, unlike France, but it is less likely to have an impact on the continental politics. France is more involved in European politics; hence, its cultural and political challenges have more intense spillover effects on the European Union than Britain.

 French religion traditions are at stake, with most of its population going for secularization. France is one of the countries that have a significantly rich tradition of catholic religion, but in the recent past, it has experienced some of its catholic priests and members being converted to the Muslim faith. This has posed some danger to the long-lived history of catholic traditions and customs. The future of France is undetermined, given the high rate of conversion. The article observes that more of the readers of an article about Islamic power in France expressed their support for Islamic State than in other countries such as Germany and Britain. Muslims in France comprise eight percent of the whole population. According to a poll conducted to unravel Islamic power in France, there is a high rate of Islamic ideology inherent in the population. A big number of the participants exhibited their anti-Israel feelings, public ignorance, and anti-American sentiments and radical comments about the article. This insinuates that the future of France may be inclined towards the teachings and customs of the Islamic religion.