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Social Networks

Social networks comprise of a structure that entails collective characters such as organizations or individuals. Social structure offers a set of techniques that evaluates configuration of entire social entities. It also revolves around various theories that depict patterns that are observed in the networks. As social beings, we require such set of connections to access food, shelter and jobs for survival. Additionally, these social networks create a positive impact in our lives as they enable us to understand and maintain effective relationships.

The vital social networks in my life include primary groups that are ranked as small socially. Members of this group have common aspirations as they share enduring, close and personal relationships. Good examples of primary groups incorporate childhood colleagues, family and high influential individuals in a set. In social networks, primary groups contribute to significant role of advancing personal identity (Carr, 2012). In such a group, associates love, care and support each other. Primary groups entail long lasting goals and relationships that make members to feel comfortable. In my life, a primary group has enabled me to overcome many setbacks when people share helpful ideas that mould me into a better person.

Secondary groups are also significant because they permit members to socialize by not focusing much on personal stage and maintaining temporary relationships. This group support performance of duties that are interchangeable and done by people. It relates to activities and interests that enable many individuals to meet their close friends. In a secondary group, people exchange information concerning services for payments and labor for wages. Group participants discuss employment, and client matters to enhance their relationships. In my life, the significance of joining a secondary group is evident when we come together as partners to discuss business opportunities that promote the economy (Garry, 2009).

We are ten members in our association. Our objective is to work hard in the business and assist the needy.  Our strong ties are evident when participants support each other in financial terms and by offering advice that leads to promotion. Through coordination, we raise enough funds that improve the business and promote relationship with other individuals by giving back to the community. At times, our network faces weakness when members disagree on an idea or fail to contribute the required cash in time. In response to this situation, we always resolve such issues by holding a meeting to enhance progress. In this association, we also embrace online networks such as Face book and Twitter that assist us to advertise and market our products. In addition, the internet plays a significant function in this group when it connects us to the public who are also our potential customers. Through this digital platform, we reach the needy in society and get different perspectives from other people on how we can become successful in our projects.

The size of our organization currently holds ten individuals but we hope to expand in the future. It is a balanced association that includes five men and five women who work tirelessly to achieve the intended goal. In this local community, we hope to enlarge the association to provide more efficient services and create employment. There are various aspects that attract me to this organization. First, is the fact that working in a group enhances team spirit that allows members to share roles and ideas that contribute to achieving its’ goals. The second factor that makes me admire this association is that members support each other. Furthermore, they extend their positive attitude to assist other needy individuals, which caused me join as I also had a vision to assist others in life.   

In terms of social networking, this association has plenty of benefits to the entire society. It motivates the public to come together under an online forum to offer their ideas on how to upgrade the organization. Through their feedbacks on Twitter and Face book, we get to learn on their necessities and how to reach them. Another benefit is that increases supporters when the existing followers spread positive messages to others concerning the association (Taylor, 2010). This also leads to rise to volunteers who send funds to support this project and the entire society. Based on the present size of the organization that consists of ten members, this may affect our goals in future because we will not be able to reach all needy individuals in the community. However, if we increase in number, this will propel our objective by ensuring that we extend services to everyone in need.

The internet is a prime source that facilitates creation of new networks. Trust is a vital aspect that builds meaningful online relationship because we deal with unknown followers. This implies one has to maintain a good relationship and quality services. Members must fulfill their promises. This can lead to strong ties and maintain relationships over time when followers become loyal to the association. In my perspective, drop of social network relationships results to consequences when current followers discourage new ones to support it. 


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