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Your name,


Saudi Arabia

Email address.

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15th May 2015

The General Manager,

Almarai Company limited,

P .O. Box 8524, Riyadh 11492

Saudi Arabia

Dear Sir,


I wish to apply for the upcoming promotional program for the position of the human resource manager. Having worked for the company for eight year, I have a rich experience in the company operations. I also possess qualities of a good human resource manager and thus I believe that these skills will prove profitable for the company if well captured. I have also been a supervisor for the last five years and thus I believe I am better positioned at addressing the employee’s needs. My main focus would be to improve the level of customer satisfaction as I maintain the culture and values of the organization. I would also like to bring to your light that despite my dedication to the company’s growth, I have never been promoted from the supervisory position for the eight years I have served the company.

It is the policy of the organization to promote experienced workers. In light of this, I feel that I can be more productive if given the managerial post. My main reason for this appeal is that assist the company achieve its goals as I advance my career (Fletcher, 2015). I know you to be a man of outstanding character who always puts the interests of the company first before personal interest. Over the years, I have come to envy your style of leadership, which has been a great success. The company is highly indebted to you for the service you have rendered to the company. I would therefore be glad to serve under your leadership as the human resource manager.

I would be glad if you put my request into consideration.

Thank you in advance.

Yours sincerely,




Fletcher, J. (2015). Teaching Arguments: Rhetorical Comprehension, Critique, and Response. Portland: Stenhouse Publishers.