Assignment Writing Help on Public Service Fraud

Public Service Fraud

With the increasing levels of civil, criminal, and administrative cases, the global judicial systems have remained the busiest sector worldwide. Despite the workload and backlog seen in the global judicial systems, technological advancements are playing an integral role in helping improve the systems (Fabri & Contini, 2001). Today, technology has become part and parcel of judicial systems. Videos, images taken by cameras and radio recordings are effective pieces of evidence used in the judicial systems today (Flax, 2005).

The problem at hand is that an individual makes a claim that he is unable to do any manual work and thus needs compensation. In real sense, this is a fraud as he has been working on various projects at home, and also has another job as a delivery driver for a small package express company.

The insurance company should file a case against the claimant for fraud. Bearing in mind that evidence would be required to enhance the credibility of the case; the insurance company should request the claimant’s neighbor to take photographs of the man while working on his projects at home (Cerrillo & Fabra, 2009). The company should also request the neighbor to take a videotape of the claimant while on his various projects at home. A videotape of him while on his job as a driver should also be taken. The two forms of documentation would be effective pieces of evidence against the claimant in a court of law. It will be learnt that the claimant claims that he is unable to do any manual work and deserves compensation from the company, yet he is physically fit and going about his daily activities.


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