Assignment Writing Help on Personal Statement-Masters in Clinical Research

Personal Statement-Masters in Clinical Research

I am interested in pursuing the dual degree program, Masters in Medical Sciences and Masters in Clinical Investigation, at the University of Boston. University of Boston is recognized globally for its leading role in cutting-edge research, especially in the medical field. Therefore, I wish to benefit from its rich history as a leading center for research and excellence. I undertook an undergraduate degree in the medical field in my home country, Pakistan; however, there were no opportunities for advancing in medical research. While I would have been content with a job as a general practitioner, practicing medicine in Pakistan in the traditional way, I have more ambition to become a well-rounded physician. For me, this involves more than practicing medicine; it entails taking part in medical research studies to gain valuable experience. This is vital in order to enhance one’s analytical skills, in addition to gaining in-depth critical thinking skills. Besides, getting involved in research would put me in the perfect position to partake in the evolving process of research in the medical field, such as participating in the new screening tests to diagnose diseases.

The dual Ms in Clinical Investigation/Ms in Medical Sciences at Boston University is characterized by elaborate, complementary curricula that are highly inclined towards research design, medical science, and implementation of research methods for practical solutions. What I like most about this dual program is that the curriculum can be modified to suit the specific needs of a given student. In addition, Boston University provides the perfect study setting consisting of a state-of-the art referral hospital and a conducive learning environment where all the crucial aspects of clinical investigation are offered. At Boston, you are assigned a mentor throughout the program; the student benefits immensely from his/her mentor, especially with regard to the research process.

The dual program also imparts students with skills in project design and effective methods of communicating clinical research results. These qualifications will go a long way towards fulfilling my goal of pursuing a career as a clinical research scientist. Specifically, I hope to gain ample knowledge and experience in testing and conducting clinical trials in line with existing guidelines, especially on Alzheimer’s testing. Upon completion of this dual program, I am optimistic that I shall have acquired the essential techniques needed to undertake clinical research. More importantly, I hope to gain in-depth understanding of the foundational elements of research methods.

I will also have gained sufficient experience to enable me undertake clinical investigation of conditions and diseases as a way of ascertaining accurate diagnoses and ensuring effective treatments. In addition, a qualification in the dual program would afford me the opportunities to participate in the process of decreasing the burden of diseases in the health care system by finding more efficient and effective strategies of managing the patient. This is especially crucial when dealing with terminal illnesses such as cancer and Alzheimer’s. Towards this end, Boston University School of Medicine in collaboration with Boston Medical Center has over the years been involved in various clinical trials in search of advanced and more efficient ways of treating or curing diseases.

I believe that the experience that I shall have gained by the time I complete this dual program will provide me with the perfect foundation to play a key role in improving the health care sector in Pakistan. In the process, I hope to make life worthwhile for thousands of Pakistanis who have been on the receiving end of an inefficient health care system for far too long.