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Organization Development Models

For Camden Property trust, a construction and real estate company in Texas state with 1746 employees the causal model of organization performance and change also known as the Burke and Litwin Model is the best. . It ranked number 10 in the 2015 Fortune 100 best companies and understanding the important drivers of performance and how they relate to one another will help the organization to thrive in the industry it operates.

Unlike the 7s model by Pascale and Athos (1981) which does not explain how the relevant elements relate to the external environment, this model highlights how performance is affected by internal and external factors. The model asserts that environmental factors are the most significant proponents of change. Elements like mission, strategy leadership and culture are often affected by environmental changes. . The real estate and construction industry needs a lot of scanning of factors like competition, legislation and the economy; this justifies the choice of this tool for organization development. (Gibson, 2008)

 Many organizational models like the six- box model and the contingency models are descriptive and have certain causal implications. The congruence model however has little cause-effect linkage but does not prescribe the number of elements that might be congruent, it also fails to provide the formula for determining congruence or incongruence that produce desirable or undesirable effects.  Causal model is a simple model with little degree of complexity but exhibiting coherence and predictability and will thus help the organization address the issues concerning harmonized sales tax, construction and commercial real estate loans problems, cost overruns and the highly cyclical demand. Selection of this model is due to the fact that other models do not go far enough to critical dimensions like the external environment while other factors like performance and organizational culture are not accounted for sufficiently.

The model is based on 12 organizational elements; The external environment, mission and strategy, leadership, organizational structure, culture, systems, management practices, work unit climate, tasks, motivation, individual needs, values and organizational performance. Even though no model is perfect, the Burke Litwin model will help address the problems of Camden Property trust and highlight where further energies need to be directed


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