Assignment Writing Help on Media Studies

Media Studies

            As a learner, I have good communication and interpersonal skills that enable me to easily interact with participants in my practical aspects of the course. My team building and leadership skills are critical in taking advantage of resources within my team as well as controlling the weaknesses of my associates. My main weakness is application of logical prejudgment to issues a factor that contradicts a big part of my studies. The profession calls for excellent observation and reporting skill that captures the sense and facts about occurrences in our lives, without necessarily prioritizing our personal opinion.

            Success in this field lies in the ability to present non inhibited reporting or presentation, free of bias and other forms of interference. It is important to establish a precedent where people are able to differentiate one’s opinion from his professional responsibilities.

            I will ensure I have a pre-assessment interview with my target participants/ audience to clarify the nature of my duties. This element provides room for professional reporting and subsequent opinion presentation that steers away from ambiguity or social victimization. Therefore, I should minimize cases of misinterpretation of work and being targeted for bias.

            The study of popular culture or social trends is determined by consumer preferences that validate relevance of an individual’s contribution to the profession. This is because popular culture is determined and financed based on relevance. Employers and sponsors will not spend time with social rejects thus professionals are at times forced to develop convenient biases in their work.

            In my opinion, the course should establish a strong resilience that helps students maintain an objective and honest approach to their work so as to create social awareness that reflect the real work environment. Instilling integrity in students’ undertakings serves to deter cases of professional misconduct based on social pressure.