Assignment Writing Help on Human Resources Specialist Involvement in Workplace Health and Safety

Human Resources Specialist Involvement in Workplace Health and Safety

The human resources department plays an important role in work place to ensure the safety and good health of employees. Although the human resource department do not solely involve in employees wellbeing, the department plays a fundamental role in ensuring that employees are safe at work and in good health to increase productivity. With regard to this, it is important that the human resources managers know the fundamental aspects of workplace health and safety and be able to respond to the employees’ safety and health needs using the available resources. The human resources department gets involved in workplace health and safety in various ways as discussed below.

One of the major ways in which human resources get involved in workplace health and safety is through implementation of strict safety policies (Scott, Morris. & George, 468). Most workplaces are usually considered as free from hazards however there are some work places that require strict safety policies and that is when the human resources come in to ensure safety of employees. For instance, working at a construction site or in a factory producing hazardous products, the human resource department nonprofessionals from going to some zones or handling some machines to avoid accidents. In addition, the human resources department can create employees awareness by labeling hazardous zones at workplace and repairing mishaps that pose physical risk for example broken glasses in an office among others.

The human resources department also gets involved in workplace health and safety by providing health and safety trainings to the employees.Organizing safety training for employees is important aspect in ensuring workplace safety(Christine and Roger, 20). Such kind of trainings should include first aid trainings, emergency action trainings and even self-defense mechanisms where necessary. Moreover, it should be noted that most people normally do not know how to use some safety equipment and it is important that employees know how use safety equipment such as first aid kit, gas masks, fire extinguishers among many others. Additionally, there is need to have a well laid down procedure in case of an emergency and every employee needs to know the procedures.

Finally, the human resource department gets involved in workplace health and safety by establishing an open communication with other employees in the organization. It is important to earn employees trust by having an open communication system where employees can communicate all health and safety related issues. For instance, with an open communication system, employees will not be afraid to bring to light the health and safety issues that may affect their daily operations. Through communication, mishaps that may cause physical injury can be repaired on time thus improving workplace safety (Brian, Web). Communication also involves sensitizing employees on workplace safety.

In conclusion, workplace health and safety is an important determinant of employee’s productivity in any organization or workplace. The human resources department plays a vital role in ensuring workplace health and safety through training, communication, and implementation of strict safety guidelines to ensure and improve workplace health and safety. It is important to note that good safety standards at work place can help avoid monetary loss through law suits or employees injury compensations among others. Furthermore, a workplace that lays emphasis on the importance of employees’ health and safety creates a positive environment that is conducive for productivity. 

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