Assignment Writing Help on Gender Differences in Economic Activities in East Asia and Pacific

Gender Differences in Economic Activities in East Asia and Pacific


            The report encompasses the state of gender equality in terms of employment opportunities, household decision-making, influence in the community and public spheres, and participation in the private sector in East Asia and Pacific (The World Bank 106). In addition, the report highlights significance of women agency in the improvement of fiscal growth and social prosperity of the public. It gives insights into the role that policy can play in addressing gender disparity in East Asia and Pacific (The World Bank 108).

             For instance, policies that emphasize affirmative action could help eradicate occupational segregation that borrow significantly from stereotyping of gender and help break gender silos (The World Bank 109). Such policies would encourage programs that would make men and women think beyond gender segregation and focus on productivity rather than social norms and perceptions. Nevertheless, policies can create favorable surrounding for gender balance in terms of voice, employment, and ownership of property.


            What is the role of policy in shaping gender equality in East Asia and Pacific? More often, women have had limited access to the job market due trade-offs between household chores and market functions (The World Bank 109). Therefore, policies that support the balancing of their household duties and market roles would really promote their access to labor markets and other economic opportunities (The World Bank 110).

            In addition, policies that support thinking of men and women beyond gender stereotypes can help break the gender silos and encourage an equal participation in all sectors of the economy including politics based on the potentiality of an individual (The World Bank 114). Consequently, women would own firms and benefit from the gains from the private sector just like their male counterparts. Gender equality based policies in East Asia and Pacific would create an environment that supports business for all gender.

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