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Furniture Manufacturing Company in UAE

  1. Location Strategy

As a furniture manufacturing company, we are strategically based in Dubai in the United Arabs Emirates. Choosing a good location like Dubai is based on various factors such as large pool of buyers (Boyne, 2009).

Location Selection

This furniture manufacturing company will perform better if it is located in major residential areas, learning institutions or near the key city shopping malls. Selecting the appropriate location for this business will enhance its progress and ensure that it stands out on the competition within the market. To be successful in the new location, the company needs to think big in order to audit its time and resources properly. For instance in our case, it is vital to have a mindset that we are the largest and most successful firm in the area. This implies that factors such as the time consumed to accomplish the daily duties should be put into consideration. This chosen location should enable the company to improve it relations with clients. Selecting a location also requires implementation of new strategies to expand services that are offered by this furniture manufacturing company.    

Factors Affecting the Location Selection

Operating a furniture company requires the stakeholders to incorporate more efforts to enhance customer experience. First, an aspect that affects the choice of location in this business is the presence of expensive buildings and land. Due to this factor, a furniture manufacturing company will opt to locate its business in a cheap place that cannot undermine the business.

Another aspect that affects the choice of a location for furniture business in UAE is convenience for key employees. This means that a location cannot be appropriate if the staff with the right skills find it hard to access the workplace. Availability of raw materials also affects the choice of a business venue. In this regard, the manufacturing company cannot perform well if it is not located close to timber suppliers to supplement it. Infrastructural development is another factor that affects the business location because for a company to prosper, it has to be connected to modern forms of transport and telecommunication services. This will ensure that there is ease in transporting furniture and raw materials to consumers around Dubai.

A Location Strategy Chart


Scale 0-100:  represent the high cost in getting a good location

Location Costs

To find a good location for this business, the company needs to embrace big ideas. Despite the business size, it is vital for the firm to consider the basic concepts such as price of the venue. Location expenses incorporate tax and other economic incentives that vary depending with the city (Farbey, 2008). This implies that the busier the place, the high amount of costs it will incur a firm to set its furniture manufacturing business.

  • Layout Strategy

A furniture business with a good layout strategy needs to incorporate proper management. A company that entails successful way of administration enhances efficiency and effectiveness. This means that the manager has to set proper goals and ensure that the firm achieves them. In addition, a layout strategy needs to incorporate relationship between resources and achievement of goals. In this case, this furniture manufacturing company needs to reduce inputs and aim at high return for its success. Good managers provide a layout strategy that is key to a competitive economy and high performance. Furthermore, a furniture business with proper layout strategy incorporates vision that guides decision makers to coordinate the firm’s activities and be accountable to stakeholders.

A Layout Strategy Chart


Scale 0-100:  Represents progress of a proper layout of the furniture company

Marketing is vital as a part of a layout strategy of a furniture business. It is the fundamental goal that increases sales to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. In this business, marketing is required to facilitate interactive and dynamic status of a trade. Through it, a layout strategy becomes complete because marketing incorporates precise and careful assess of both internal and external environments (Sanford, 2012). Layout strategies involve decisions that improve the functioning tactics of a furniture company. They enable us to detect the ideal customers and the category in which this business exists. Through marketing, this furniture business will be able to identify its rivals and develop its unique benefits.

Layout strategy also determines the capability of a business to meet high productivity. For instance, if this company incurs high productivity, it means that it will increase its profit margin or lower its prices. For a proper layout strategy, productivity can be raised via training to advance skills and knowledge of the staff. Motivating employees in the furniture manufacturing company encourages them to work extra hard for increased productivity. Quality is part of the layout strategy that makes the company to produce good furniture that appeal to customers. Products and services that are of high quality assist the business to save money and increase returns. In this case, producing good quality furniture products will attract more consumers due to its durability. 

  1. Human Resource Strategy

For this furniture manufacturing company to be successful in UAE, it is vital for it to embrace strategic HR planning. This is a significant component of human resource strategy in management. It connects HR management directly to the strategic plan of this manufacturing organization. Human Resource is a good approach that should be incorporated in this furniture business to guide the management and employees to meet the mission of the organization in a successful manner. For instance, human resource strategy provides a guideline to the company on how to recruit skilled workers who suits this field. In addition, it ensures that this company that deals with production of furniture meets its financial plan and goals (Wayne, 2013). Human resource also gives a platform to an business that starts small through enhancing its strategic plans to guide its operations in future.

Furthermore, human resource approach is vital from a budgetary perspective because it guides us to factor the expenses of training and recruitment to fit with the budget of the company. In this furniture firm, human resource planning helps to fulfill the operational plans and the strategic goals of the organization. This implies that with availability of human resource strategy, this company will attract the right skilled employees at the appropriate time. HR strategy enhances flexibility in this furniture business to ensure that the company is in a position to manage change.

The human resource strategy entails plans that predict the future management needs that are essential in HR. A good example incorporates the certificates, education levels and extra training that are expected from potential employees. It determines the number of the vacant positions that are supposed to be filled by the firm. This implies that through HR strategy, this firm will be aware of the changing labor force to provide quality furniture and increase productivity. 


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