Assignment Writing Help on Functions of a Grant Proposal


Functions of a grant proposal

A grant proposal is a program plan that explains ideas that need to be approved and funded. The main function of a grant proposal is to acquire funding to help facilitate, coordinate, and ensure the completion of a project. The proposal serves the purpose of persuading the sponsors that the project at hand is in line with their interest, feasible and that will yield significant results. 

Steps in writing a grant proposal

Grants proposals undergoes a review and must therefore be direct and complete as well as convincing and concise. The steps to be followed when writing proposals is dependent of the type of program to be funded but contains similar steps as indicated below.

The first step is that of writing an abstract which entails the project summary, followed by a table of content. The introduction is used to set the tone of the grant proposal where the goals and background information is reviewed. Then the project objectives are written down, the review of literature including the description of the proposed project. After the description, the plan of action and the design to be used is indicated followed by the support available. Finally the evaluation of the project is done with indications of future funding and the actual proposal.

Writing a problem statement for a program

In order to write the problem statement for a given program, three components or factors need to be considered. These includes the nature of the problem and its extent, the factors contributing to the problem as indicated in the problem statement, the impact of the problem, and the intervention measures to be used to address the problem.